NEW! Boob Design Eco-friendly Breastfeeding Accessories and Tops

Swedish Boob started in 1999 by Mia Seipel and is now available from retailers in 26 markets
throughout the world, as well as from the online shop at The basic idea was to design smart and stylish clothes for nursing mothers. All garments in the nursing collection are designed with the innovative and patented nursing function that has become the trademark of Boob. And that was just the beginning. Today, Boob makes clothes for mothers; from top to toe, through pregnancy and nursing, as well as a baby clothes collection. The collection is made with great concern for both people and the environment. The ambition is to always choose materials that are environmentally optimal. Since 2008, Boob has increased the use of greener materials from 20 to 81 per cent. The entire collection is certified according to OEKO-Tex 100 and the majority of the production is made in Europe.

Boob Design continues to release new and exciting maternity and nursing styles and recently has expanded their line to include breastfeeding accessories.

Introducing the Boob Relief Pads and Boob Washable Pads – two innovative products which save the day for nursing mothers! Boob presents this winter’s smartest solution for all nursing mothers – the brand new multi-purpose Boob Relief Pads for inserting in the bra. Warm or cold, they soothe and heal tender and swollen breasts, and help relieve blocked ducts. The pads are easy to keep clean as the covers can be removed and washed. Boob Washable Pads are a great favourite among T-shirt lovers. Thin, flexible, and skin-coloured on the outside, they are practically invisible when worn inside the bra. Two real life-savers for nursing mothers!

Boob Relief Pads give help when you most need it. Warmed, they prevent blocked milk ducts and relieve mastitis. Cooled, they soothe tender and swollen breasts.

“Being able to breastfeed your baby is absolutely wonderful. But it can also be challenging at times. The breasts are exposed to quite a lot of strain, and if you are unlucky there could be complications. Suffering from mastitis when your baby is hungry…that’s not easy for a nursing mum. If problems occur, Boob Relief Pads are easy to warm or cool before placing inside the bra a little while before nursing. Our pads are also simple to keep clean – they have removable covers which can be washed in 60°C”, says Mia Seipel, founder and creative director at Boob.

Boob Relief Pads are made in 100% organic cotton and filled with natural flax seed. Sold in 2-pack.

Boob Washable Pads
Boob Washable Pads are thin, flexible and next to invisible when inserted. The pads have a absorbent filling
and a breathable, leak-proof outer layer which keeps the nursing mother comfortable and dry. Pure natural silk next to the skin soothes, cools and heals sensitive or sore nipples, thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of the silk.
“The washable pads are thin and pliable and mould themselves nicely to your breast”, says Mia Seipel. “But
the truly unique feature is the skin-coloured outside –making them practically invisible inside the bra. This is a real bonus for T-shirt mums!

Boob Washable Pads have an outer layer in 100% silk facing the nipple and a skin coloured outer layer facing the bra in 100% organic cotton. The absorbing layer is made in 100% organic cotton. Sold in 6-pack.

Naturally, Boob Relief Pads and Boob Washable Pads, like all Boob products, are certified according
to OEKO-Tex 100 to guarantee a product that can be safely worn next to your skin. Reusable nursing pads are far superior to disposable nursing pads which are loaded with chemicals and contribute towards waste in our landfills. Consider investing in reusable, washable nursing pads for your own health, the health of your baby and the environment.

Nursing Top Wool for Autumn/Winter

Nursing top with rounded neck. Long sleeves with extra long cuffs with thumb holes. Wool is soft, breathable and keeps you warm. Another advantage is that it transports moisture away from the body, keeping you dry. Soft fabric in 70% lyocell and 30% wool. Machine washable, 30° C (wool cycle)

When the temperature outside starts dropping, reach for the Nursing Wool Top from Boob Design to nurse your baby in style, while still staying warm. Made from a mix of Lyocell and Wool, this top will keep you warm and cosy both indoors and outdoors while allowing you to nurse discreetly and look fabulous while doing so. The soft fabric drapes beautifully over your post partum figure and the longer length and cut provide a flattering fit. The top is great for layering. Pair with leggings or jeans for a casual look. Available in Black and Light Grey Melange.



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