Spa Experience at Home: The Vencasa Egyptian Cotton Towel Collection

Pharmaline firmly established itself back in 1985 in South Africa, providing high end sleep related products to the market. In 2017, Pharmaline rebranded as Vencasa and continues to provide products which promote a good nights rest. New to the Vencasa range is the Luxury Egyptian Cotton Towels Collection which we are highlighting today.

From the Manufacturer:

“The Vencasa Egyptian Cotton towels are made of 100% cotton grown along the Nile in Egypt. This extra-long staple cotton creates a highly absorbent and luxurious soft towel. Egyptian cotton fibers are valued for their superior length and strength, which reduces the buildup of pile and lint. As a result, the towels feel more cozy and comfortable against the skin, making this an everyday indulgence worth investing in.

Egyptian Cotton gives this product the following exceptional characteristics:

Softness : The superior length and strength of the cotton yarn creates a softer towel. The length also creates a more lustrous fabric surface, less prone to pilling.
Color : The uniformity of the fibers absorbs dyes at a more even rate resulting in a more vibrant and lasting color.
Durability : The loop evenness and density offers a compact and even look with added durability when compared to other forms of cotton.”

It is becoming more and more difficult to find a 100% cotton towel line that is high quality and long lasting. We are thrilled to have found the Vencasa Egyptian Cotton Towel Line which will not disappoint!

 “Machine wash up to 60º. Do not bleach. Tumble dry on medium heat. Although towels can be ironed we recommend not doing it. The pile gets better not being submitted to the direct heat of the iron.”
 Most people may not be aware that all bedding and towels should be washed weekly at 60 degrees C in order to kill dust mites and bacteria. Many bedding and towels do not support being washed at 60C and we applaud Vencasa for producing a quality line of Egyptian Cotton Towels that can withstand this recommended temperature.

Our life is fast paced and often filled with daily stressors. Having a relaxing shower or bath can provide the perfect opportunity to de-stress from our daily cares and worries and to take some much needed and deserved time out from our busy lives. With the current water shortage crisis we can really maximise our once a week bath by creating a relaxing and soothing spa like experience. Find some heavenly scented candles, soothing music, aromatic bath salts and slip into the bath and soak your worries away. Dry yourself off with the thick, sumptious Egyptian Cotton Towels and you will be transported to another time and space and reminded of your prior spa experience.

The Vencasa Egyptian Cotton Towel line is available in a variety of sizes including Face Towel, Hand Towel, Bath Towel, Bath Sheet and a Bath Mat. Currently available in a choice of 3 neutral colours to complement any bathroom: White, Beige, Charcoal Grey, these towels will add the perfectly luxurious element to create a Spa Experience in your very own home.

Our test panel has had the opportunity to work first hand with the towel collection over the past few months and our panel has been impressed by how thick and luxurious the towels are and how soft they remain wash after wash.

The perfect Luxury Christmas Gift for your loved ones or go on and spoilt yourself, you deserve it.


Store: Purchase directly from any of the Tempur / Vencasa Showroom locations

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For additional information and to view the full range of products, please visit the Vencasa Website.