Family Picnics with PackIt Freezable Picnic Bag

packitlogo“What if you could put a lightweight refrigerator in the palm of your hand and take fresh food anywhere? That’s the dream that PackIt insulated cooler bags have made a reality. Our freezable coolers work just like a refrigerator on the go, chilling your food and drinks up to 10 hours.


The secret is the soft cooler’s freezable gel liner. Once the cooler bag is frozen, its walls generate waves of cold air that chill your food and drinks from all sides.

The cooling technology in our insulated bags keeps items fresh for hours without ever needing ice packs. PackIt’s cooler box creates cold energy for up to 10 hours, keeping your stuff as delicious as it was the moment you packed it.”

Forget the heavy, bulky and old fashioned cooler bags with toxic ice packs which leak all over and don’t keep your food very cold for long. Introducing Packit: a technologically advanced insulated cooler bag that will change the way you think about packed lunches forever. The Packit insulated cooler bags are sleek, modern, lightweight and built with the latest technology to ensure that your food stays cold for long period of time without the need for an icepack! With the Packit insulated cooler bags, you will be able to pack a full array of nutritious meals and snacks for the entire family while away from home.


Preparing for a picnic has never been simpler thanks to the Packit Freezable Picnic Bag.


*Gel-lined walls chill food and drinks for four or a six-pack for up to 10 hours (depending on external temperatures)
*Soft sided cooler folds flat and freezes overnight (12 hours)
*NEW! Zip closure locks cold, dry air inside soft cooler bag
*Includes convenient shoulder strap
* Iceless cooler made from food-safe, nontoxic poly canvas and waterproof EVA and is PVC-, BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free
*Interior wipes clean; spot clean exterior


Picnics bring family and friends together and paired with great food, you are sure to have a fun day filled with many lasting memories. Food safety is at the core of outdoor picnics, especially when the temperature soars. With the Packit Freezable Picnic Bag, you will be able to pack your picnic essentials and ensure that they stay cold  for up to 10 hours! Simply place the picnic bag in the freezer overnight (12 hour minimum) and take it out when you are ready to pack your picnic and off you go!  Alternatively, the freezable picnic bag can keep a six-pack cool for hours. From road trips to boating to camp trips, the Packit Freezable Picnic Bag does it all.

We love that the Packit range is made from nontoxic poly canvas and waterproof EVA and is PVC-, BPA-, phthalate- and lead-free making it the perfect eco-friendly insulated cooler bag. The Packit Insulated Cooler Bag is a game changer in the market and is our top pick for Insulated Cooler Bags!



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