Silver Cross Reflex Pushchair

Silver Cross Reflex

Silver Cross,  introduces the new Reflex, the most advanced stroller in the world. Packed with innovation, the fold up stroller is suitable from birth to toddler and converts into a lightweight pram and travel system. Weighing in at just 8.5kg, this feature packed pushchair is a stand out in its lightweight class.

Lets take a closer look at this innovative pushchair.


Silver Cross Reflex Pushchair


Never underestimate the importance of ergonomic handle bars when reviewing a pushchair prior to purchase. In fact, we think that examining the handle bars is one the first things that you should look for when selecting a pushchair, not the last! Parents often focus on everything besides the handle bars. You will be logging in hundreds upon hundreds of kilometres while gripping the handle bars so please give careful attention and thought to them.

Your posture while pushing a pushchair is a critical element that needs to be considered. Quite simply, if you are not maintaining a good posture when you are pushing a pushchair, you may very well find yourself developing back and shoulder pain. Glance in the mirror when you are pushing your pushchair and note if your shoulders are relaxed in a neutral position vs. hunched. How does your body feel after you have been pushing the pushchair?

The Silver Cross Reflex features adjustable handle bars, so now parents of different heights will both be able to use this pushchair comfortably while maintaining perfect posture.

The Hood:

SilverCrossCanapyExtendedThe large well designed hood on the Reflex is fantastic, and very rarely seen on an umbrella style pushchair. The protective hood extends fully (unzip the extension) all the down to the bumper bar to protect your little one from the elements, as well as from sensory overload and can be locked into place for added security. The extended hood will also come in handy when your baby is tired and needs to take a nap, blocking out the light and stimulation. The hood is made from a material which offers UPF50+ sun protection for maximum protection from the heat.


Viewing window:

A large viewing window on the rear of the hood allows parents to view their child clearly and keep a close eye on their baby. The breathable mesh panels on the side of the hood are designed for promoting air flow and cooling during the summer.


Seat Recline:

The silent recline system offers the option of 4 backrest positions from upright all the way to lie flat position which is the best in its class. This is truly a unique feature of a pushchair which is this compact.


Ergonomic Curved Seat Back:

The Ergonomic curved seat back keeps baby separate from the structure, creating comfort and air flow. This unique design ensures that your child is comfortable when seated in the pushchair.


The articulating bumper bar is designed to give baby something to hold on to during the day and  after hours, it folds down with the Reflex to an amazingly small size. A bumper bar is very handy to have when baby leans forward, offering additional protection.

SilverCrossFrontviewharnessmuffSeat Dimensions

Wide and spacious seat dimensions:

*width of seat 35cm
*height of back rest 50cm
*depth of seat 22cm
*length of calf support 17cm

The washable liner is a great feature that caregivers will appreciate. This will enable caregivers to keep the stroller clean and sparkling despite baby’s many messes.

SilverCrossReflexHarness5 Point Safety Harness

The Reflex features a 5 point safely harness and comfort pads.

The harness system is well designed to allow you to safely secure your little one in the pushchair. There is a small learning curve for using this harness but with a little practice you will soon become a pro.

SilverCrossLEDlightSafety lighting system:

LED safety lights on either side with 3 modes: constant, flash and rotate.

The safety lighting system is a truly unique feature from Silver Cross and will provide caregivers some additional security when being out and about when it is dark outside. The LED system is designed to make the pushchair more visible at night.

SilverCrossSeatReclineAdjustable Calf Support:

The adjustable calf support allows caregivers to adjust the calf support to the height of the child.

SilverCrossWheelsWheels and Basket:

The Reflex features 4 x double sided wheels which glide smoothly along a variety of terrains. The puncture free swivel tyres offer peace of mind.

The underneath basket is a nice size and can accommodate some baby essentials such as a blanket, a few toys and some mum essentials.


The break system is well designed with the break being easy to engage and disengage.

SilverCrossReflexFoldedThe fold:

Simple one-handed compact fold

Locks in folded position

Dimensions folded: H35 x W61 x L86cm

Included accessories:


A warm and cosy matching footmuff is included with each Reflex. The deep padded footmuff is designed to keep your baby warm during cold weather outings.


The raincover fits securely over the Reflex pushchair and will protect the child keeping him nice and dry despite the rain.

Optional Accessories (purchase separately)

Newborn Accessory PackSilver Cross Reflex 4

The Reflex Accessory Pack contains the essential coordinating accessories required for your Reflex pushchair in rearward-facing, pram system use.

SilverCrossNewbornkitNewborn Pack Contents:

The pack includes a protective hood with reflective fabric trim, a protective, lightweight, pullout apron that zips on to your Reflex, and a deeply padded babynest in softly-quilted, natural bamboo jersey.


Dual Purpose Apron:

The deeply-padded apron (that comes with your Reflex) can also be used in rearward-facing pram mode for extra warmth during cold weather.



The beautiful soft jersey babynest features a 5-point safety harness, with wonderfully soft shoulder and buckle pads to keep your baby comfortable.


Hood Down


Hood Up

Travel System:

The Reflex pushchair can be used as a travel system with the Silver Cross Simplicity Car Seat. This is the only car seat which is compatible with the pushchair.

Road Test:

SilverCrossCanapyExtendedWe invited our parent panel to test the Reflex in a variety of outdoor environments. Here are some of their comments:

“The Reflex feels solid and very well made. It is light to push around and easy to maneuver on all terrains. It glides very smoothly on the pavement. The hood is fantastic and extends out to really far positions so it is perfect to block out the sun. Simply unzip the hood to extend it completely to cover the pram. The seat recline system has many options and easily adjusts according to the needs of my child. The bumper bar comes in handy when my child wants to lean forward, keeping him safe. The included footmuff keeps my toddler warm and snug despite the breezy cold weather. The raincover fits well without having to worry about it flying off. The pushchair is very easy to fold up and down. The newborn kit mattress is well padded for comfort and comes complete with a harness. This extra security design will allow my baby to sleep without me worrying about the baby moving around too much.”


Weight Limit:

The Reflex can accommodate children up to 25kg in weight. The Reflex is available in a variety of colours.

“The ultimate test is that my toddler loved being in the pushchair so much so that he continues to request to ride in this pushchair over our other ones and has now become his new favourite pushchair.”

Overall, the Reflex Pushchair from Silver Cross is an excellent choice and with the addition of the newborn pack, the pushchair can be used from day 1 all the way through the toddler years. The unique design, compact and lightweight construction complete with innovative safety features makes the Reflex Pushchair our top pick for Spring/Summer 2014.

Demonstration Video

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For additional information, please visit the Silver Cross Website.

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