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Founded in 1995, SoftPlay, Inc. is a privately held, leading manufacturer of high-quality, interactive, cloth books for infants and preschoolers. In recent years we have expanded our product formats to include other materials such as soft foam and real wood. We produce a mix of proprietary and licensed books featuring Dora the Explorer, Fisher-Price, Sesame Workshop and VeggieTales.

Our product development team boasts backgrounds in both toys and publishing. We ensure all of our products enhance language and motor skill development. Everything is created in cooperation with a child development specialist at the Children’s Hospital at Dartmouth Hitchcock Medical Center in New Hampshire, Dr. Carol Andrew, EdD, OTR.

We will be featuring the following 6 products from SoftPlay, Inc today (product description provided by SoftPlay, Inc) :

Play & Discover LadyBug & Bee-6 months to 3 years

Play & Discover LadyBug and Bee are cuddly plush featuring a soft, cloth book. The books are filled with bright colorful patterns and learning activities for early language and basic motor skill development.

Play & Discover Books are designed to hold baby’s attention and begin a lifetime love of books. With a squeaker in the head, rattle in the legs, plush crinkle wings and a three-dimensional story character, there is a lot for baby to discover!

My Little Soft Shape Books-6 months to 3 years

See and Feel Shapes! In this unique format, basic shapes fit perfectly in a young child’s hands. These chunky cloth books feature soft, easy-to-turn pages and a cast of friendly, cuddly animals. In each fun adventure, children discover shapes in the everyday world around them. Set of 4 books.

My Very Own Farm and Noah’s Ark Playsets-1 to 3 years

My Very Own Playsets are interactive playsets that allow children to learn and play with three-dimensional figures on colorful backdrops. These playsets are designed to stimulate story building, develop early language skills, and encourage creativity with six play pieces, a large book and a stand-up barn or boat.

The soft, colorful book pages allow the play pieces to stick to it as a child reads and plays through each adventure!

Let’s Play Elmo Says Hand Puppet Book-6 months to 3 years

Parents and children can follow along and imitate Elmo with this iParenting Media Award Winner. Clap your hands, rub your tummy, and scratch your nose along with Elmo and friends. Wonderful, whimsical illustrations and bouncy, rhyming stories make these interactive hand puppet books something children will want to read over and over again!


In North America, SoftPlay products can be found at major retailers such as Costco, Target and Babies R Us as well as select specialty retailers. SoftPlay, Inc. also sell directly to consumers at

Success Through Play comments:

We would like to thank SoftPlay, Inc for sending us product samples for our test panel.

My Little Soft Shape Books

Introduce your baby to a series of soft shaped books which feature fun filled animal adventures! A mouse is featured in the star shape book, a bunny in the triangular book, a duck in the circular and a bear in the square shaped book. Baby will have the opportunity to feel the dimensions of each of the 4 shapes because each book is cleverly designed in that shape. Each book features bright and contrasting patterns and colors that will attract baby’s interest. An adult can read along while baby explores the shapes with his fingers. These books are lightweight and the perfect size to toss into a bag for on-the-go fun!

Play & Discover LadyBug & Bee-6 months to 3 years

These multi-sensory books will delight your baby/toddler and are sure to become their favorite friend. At first glance, the LadyBug and Bee look like regular plush toys, but look a little closer and you will discover that they each open up to reveal a book! Each feature well designed wings; the LadyBug’s inner wings make a terrific crinkly sound when touched which will provide auditory stimulation for baby. The inner side of the Bee’s wings feature raised, textured bumps which will provide baby will tactile stimulation. Bee sure to let baby explore the bumps! Both the LadyBug and the Bee feature a squeaker in both the head and one of the legs! A highlight of both books is a 3-D story character (one per book: Ladybug and Butterfly) which are attached by a cord. Baby can take the insects on an adventure while turning the pages. The Bee features a magnificent flower shaped mirror which baby will love. Both books features a variety of textures throughout the book which baby can explore and receive tactile stimulation. The toy designers have chosen colors and patters very well, which invite baby to explore. These books are exceptional.

My Very Own Farm and Noah’s Ark Playsets-1 to 3 years
These award-winning playsets are in a league of their own. The story comes alive with the addition of the 3D characters (6 soft toys, which have a velcro attachment, plus the main toy:ark or barn) which are included in each playset. Included in each playset is a parent guide which will teach parents how they can make the most of the playset at each stage of their baby/child’s development. Concepts such as “object permanence” are introduced along with suggestions for activities. The back cover of the book features a matching game and is a great bonus activity. The concepts, characters and story line are made more tangible to your child when the 3-D characters are available to explore and your child will be inspired to create his own unique story with the playset. The mini-characters are the perfect size for your baby’s little hands and provide a wonderful opportunity for fine motor skill development. The ark soft toy in Noah’s Ark and the barn soft toy in My Very Own Farm set the stage for many creative adventure. The developmental value of these playsets are infinite: position in space, figure ground, fine motor skill development, spatial awareness, and many many more. The playsets are ideal choices for birthday gifts!

Let’s Play Elmo Says Hand Puppet Book-6 months to 3 years
This award winning book offers something that other soft books on the market don’t….a built in Elmo Puppet! Now you can play Peek-A-Boo while reading your toddler a story! Elmo can help your toddler understand the story line by demonstrating actions. The toddlers in our test panel were delighted to see Elmo demonstrating the actions and started imitating him to their parents delight! Elmo will encourage your child to touch his nose, clap his hands etc thus reinforcing body awareness which is an important concept for your child to master. This innovative book/puppet combo is a great addition to your child’s library collection.

Each of the above products received high scores from both our baby, toddler and parent panel. SoftPlay, Inc clearly has an outstanding team of child development specialists who are capable of designing fun, interactive and engaging toys.

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