Bravado Designs Full Cup Collection

Bravado Designs offers a line of full bust styles to accommodate the maternity and nursing stages. The full cup size range is designed for women with smaller band sizes and fuller cup sizes. The following styles are available in a full cup option:

Maternity and Nursing:

Original Nursing Bra (also available in Extended Cup)

Body Silk Seamless



Original Pumping and Nursing Bra

Ballet (suitable for maternity, nursing and everyday)

Everyday collection:



Our panel had the opportunity to test drive the Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra and the Ballet Bra.

The Ballet Bralette

The Ballet is a very versatile bralette which will appeal to a wide variety of women. The crossover plunge style provides light support for maternity, nursing and well beyond. The Ballet bralette does not have a back closure so one can either pull it over your head or step into it and pull it up for easy on and off. Nursing access is achieved by simply pulling away the fabric which will appeal to those with dexterity issues as there are no clips to fuss with. The wider bottom band provides additional support and comfort. The fabric of the bra is OEKO-TEX certified and is uniquely made from recycled nylon externally and a soft TENCEL modal lining on the inside for comfort.

Body Silk Seamless Nursing Bra

The Body Silk Seamless bra is thoughtfully designed for the maternity and nursing stages. The nylon/spandex material with 360 degree stretch and clever cup design will accommodate a changing bust size effortlessly. The foam inserts are full removable. The seamless wire-free design adds to the comfort of this bra. When you are expecting, fasten the bra on the tightest hook and as your body grows and your rib cage expands, you can progress towards the loosest hook. When breastfeeding, fasten the bra towards the looser hook and as your rib cage reduces, you will be able to use a tighter setting. Our tester received this bra in a size M-FULL CUP and it has 4 different width options with 4 hooks, which offer additional support in the band. To nurse, simply access the high quality Bravado B Nursing Clips and the bra cup will fully drop away for quick and easy feeding.

The knit-in support zones around the cup provide an effortless uplift which is remarkable given that this bra is wireless. All materials are OEKO-TEX certified to ensure that no harmful substances are in the garment. Overall, this bra was our test panel favourite for superior design, uplift, easy access nursing and most of all, comfort. Available in a variety of beautiful colours, sure to appeal to everyone.

Also available are matching seamless panties.


Click here to find a store near you or shop online from the comfort of your home via the Bravado UK online store.

Eco-shopping with Value Valet


Canada’s premier online health and beauty store!

Value Valet is a division of Value Drug Mart Associates Ltd.—a name many consumers and businesses have come to trust to provide exceptional service and outstanding value since 1978. Value Valet is an Edmonton-based company, 100% Canadian-owned, founded on the principles of strong independent ownership and outstanding community spirit.

“For years, the people behind Value Valet have been in the business of delivering value—sourcing the right products, getting the best brands at competitive prices, and developing a streamlined distribution network that is accurate, timely, and responsive. Our 85,000-square-foot Distribution Center is continually replenished with what our customers are looking for and regularly updated with products that meet every individual’s needs. In short, we know service and we know value. And now we’re giving you the keys to roam our aisles.”

Nothing beats the convenience of being able to shop from the comfort and convenience of your own home. Value Valet offers a full range of products for the entire family; with an increasing focus on eco-friendly items: from Health and Wellness, Personal & Beauty, Baby & Kids through to Grocery as well as many other categories.

A member of our panel had the opportunity to experience shopping online first hand from the Value Value Website. The well designed website made navigation quick and effortless. The well defined categories enabled our tester to browse through the entire range of products and with the additional assistance of the search bar, was able to find what she needed.

The chosen items were delivered promptly and a day ahead of schedule and our tester was very satisfied with her online shopping experience.

Here are our top eco-friendly picks which are available from Value Valet:


For Baby

487314ALEVA NATURALS Baby Calendula Skin Remedy 50 ml


487371ALEVA NATURALS Sleep Easy Baby Wash 240 ml


483370FARM BUDDIES Organic Plush Toy Pirate Pig


483479FARM BUDDIES Organic Teething Rattle Boxer the Dog



DIMPLESKINS NATURALS Sweet Cheeks Body Balm 30 g


52530DIMPLESKINS NATURALS Boo Boo Goo Cuts and Scrapes Salve 30 g


For Mama


diva2 diva1








 DivaCup Model 1




Healthy Food

541698CANADA HEMP FOODS Organic Hemp Protein Powder 454g


blueberryTASTE OF NATURE Nova Scotia Blueberry Fields Organic Food Bar 40 g


chaiTAZO Tea Organic Chai 24




483180SPOONK Acupuncture Massage Organic Hemp Mat


491993ISOLAR BACKUP Battery Charger


568238GREENCASE Ipad Case


To view the full range of products, please visit the Value Valet Website.


All images copyrighted Value Valet.

NEW Bumbleride Indie 4



Bumbleride Indie 4Indie 4 is an all terrain stroller designed to bridge the gap between urban errands and off-road adventures while adapting to babies at any stage. Infants will be able to face parents with the included Bassinet while the roomy, forward-facing seat allows older children to ride comfortably.
  •     Four, off-road ready air filled tires in city friendly sizes.
  •     An all wheel suspension perfect for all terrain versatility.
  •     A compact space-saving standing fold and new auto locks.
  •     Adjustable handle, large easy-access storage basket and eco-conscious fabrics.
  •     Retail $599.99 with included Bassinet.
Indie 4 offers peak performance no matter where life’s path takes you
Available Spring 2014


For further information, please visit


All images copyrighted Bumbleride.

Belly Bandit™ Belly Postpartum Belly Wrap

Postpartum abdominal wrapping has been around for centuries and many cultures around the world continue to partake in this practice. Until recently, it was not widely performed in the USA, but thanks to companies like the Belly Bandit, postpartum belly wrapping has become simple and yes, even stylish.

You are probably wondering what on earth all this belly wrapping is about? Applying an abdominal compression garment to your mid section, after you have given birth, can assist you in helping you gain your pre-pregnancy figure faster. In addition, postpartum wraps may help reduce the swelling of the uterus, decrease bloating caused by water retention, support your legs & back and provide additional comfort and support for breastfeeding moms. An abdominal support garment is often recommend to moms who use a front carrier to carry their baby, especially where a diastasis has been diagnosed. The traditional abdominal compression garments used around the world take the form of a long piece of fabric which is cumbersome, difficult to put on and take off and can be very uncomfortable in warm weather. The fabric will often look very bulky under clothing. Most of the modern postpartum wraps on the market are poorly made, poorly designed and feature fabrics that are very uncomfortable to wear, often not allowing your skin to breathe. In comes the Belly Bandit™ to the rescue, with their line of beautiful and high quality postpartum belly wraps which are doctor recommended. For more info check out “what makes us so special.”

Belly Bandit™ offers 3 collections:

*Belly Bandit™ Couture featuring gorgeous designs

*Belly Bandit™ Original featuring black and neutrals

*Bamboo Belly™ Bandit featuring Oeko-Tex certified Bamboo fabric

We receive samples of the Bamboo Belly Bandit™ to test. The Bamboo fabric has passed the Oeko-Tex Std, meaning that the fabric has been tested to ensure that it is free from harmful substances. Bamboo is the ideal choice of fabric for a garment such as a postpartum belly wrap. Bamboo fabric is soft to the touch, has moisture wicking properties, is anti-microbial and is very durable. The bamboo belly bandit™ is proudly made here in the USA and the quality of this garment is superb. The designers have mom’s comfort in mind with features such as a tagless design, a well tailored shape for maximum comfort and five inches of adjustability to stay snug as you shrink. The belly bandit™ is available in various sizes and arrives beautifully packaged. The belly bandit™ comes with an informative insert with clear instructions and additional useful hints and suggestions.

We enlisted the help of 3 moms (who had recently given birth) to try the Belly Bandit™ for a period of 6 weeks.

Trisha age 25, first pregnancy:

“As thrilled as I was when I found out that I was pregnant with my first child, I secretly was dreading the expanding belly and extra pounds and my thoughts soon raced to the postpartum period. Most of my friends had given birth to their first baby and I had seen their postpartum bodies and I admit that I was afraid! I didn’t want to be stuck in maternity clothing well after I had given birth (as they had) and be asked when was my baby due! At the same time, I wasn’t prepared to go on a diet or take on a strict workout schedule because I knew that it wouldn’t be healthy or practical with a newborn. I was really excited to test out the belly bandit. I was impressed that they offer a Bamboo version, since I am trying really hard to live a green lifestyle. The belly bandit is super easy to put on. I love the natural cream color and I find the fabric to be super soft. It is very well made and I was so impressed that it is made in the USA and not in some factory in China. Usually, I have a difficult time finding clothes that fit me since I am 5″3 with a short torso. The dimensions of the Belly Bandit did not overwhelm my body and fit me perfectly. My husband commented that I looked more svelte underneath clothing which gave me that extra boost of confidence that all new moms need. I wore the belly bandit for 6 weeks and each week I could fasten the belly bandit tighter and tighter to my sheer delight! I really loved being able to see how my tummy was shrinking! I am extremely impressed with my 6 week tummy, and so are my family and friends. I will definitely be recommending this product to every pregnant mama for their postpartum period. Thank you for helping new moms get back to shape simply, without starvation or crazy workouts.”

Gloria, age 28, 2nd pregnancy:

“I am originally from West Africa. In my culture, postpartum belly wrapping is normal and I was really shocked that Americans weren’t familiar with it. Belly wrapping has so many benefits, besides the obvious aesthetics and helps a women make a smooth and quick recovery from childbirth. I grew up watching family members bind each others abdominal areas following birth. After the birth of my first baby, my mother and sister flew into to help out and insisted that they would bind me up. They used a long piece of fabric and it took forever to bind me up. It was summer and I was dealing with all this extra fabric, plus my wackly postpartum thermostat. The minute they returned home, I pulled it off and didn’t go near it again. I was so happy to have found a modern alternative that was far more comfortable, looked attractive yet provided the same level of support. I didn’t overheat during the summer while wearing the bamboo belly bandit and I was truly thankful for the beautiful bamboo fabric! I am a strong babywearing advocate and I am carrying my newborn baby in a sling, as I did with my first. With the Belly Bandit, my back feels very supported and the wrap allows me to carry my baby in a sling for longer periods of time. I will continue to wear the Belly Bandit for back support while I babywear!”

Jessica, 3rd pregnancy age 35:

“I hadn’t heard of an abdominal compression garment for the postpartum period before and I was intrigued! Since I have been pregnant 3 times, my body has gone through its share of expansions. I was seriously prepared to wear my maternity clothes until 6 months postpartum, as I had done after my first and second pregnancies. Juggling 2 kids and a newborn while managing a household would mean that I would have even less time to workout and cook really healthy meals. I couldn’t wait to open up the package and try on the belly bandit. I wasn’t familiar with bamboo fabric and loved how it felt against my skin. No-one could tell that I was wearing it underneath my clothes, although people did comment on how fabulous I was looking. When I took it off to wash it, I realized just how supportive it was, and how it really minimized my lower back pain. I would recommend buying 2 so that you have one to wash and one to wear. The results? After 6 weeks of wearing it regularly, my tummy was significantly smaller after this 3rd pregnancy than it was with the 1st and 2nd. This is a tough accomplishment and I am sold! I only wish that I had used the Belly Bandit with my first 2 pregnancies. I have never been so happy to box up the maternity wear and gift it to a friend of mine. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to any new mom, regardless of how many pregnancies that they have had. Thank you!”

The Belly Bandit website is well designed and easy to explore. A good place to start is the FAQ section. Find a store in your area that carries this product here or shop the online store here.

*Although Belly wrapping has had a long standing history of safely, please consult your health care professional prior to use. Not for use during pregnancy!

Earth Day 2014


Today is Earth Day! The focus for this year is on Green Cities. Learn more about the campaign here.


Take action to create sustainable cities and join a global movement


Learn more here

Happy New Year!

We wish all of our readers a Happy and Healthy New Year and all the best for 2014. Stay tuned for an exciting year ahead at Success Through Play Magazine.

Love Milk Autumn/Winter 2013




LOVE MILK Nursingwear was founded in 2010 by Helena Henning in Sweden.

The idea of the original Love Milk nursing top (now called Emma) came to Helena while expecting her third child. At the time she had given away all her old nursing clothes, and struggled to find nice enough new tops and dresses that she felt would be worth the money. She also wanted to nurse in comfort and style and feel confident to do so just about anywhere. So Helena set about developing a top that works as an addition to your existing wardrobe, making less impact on your wallet and the environment, and letting you stick to your pre-baby style. She was also determined that it is made from eco-friendly materials and affordably priced.

Helena soon discovered the real need for new mums to dress as stylishly as they used to before they had babies. Most breastfeeding garments she found were either frumpy or just aimed at lounging at home, and very rarely did she come across a beautiful dress designed for nursing that was also flattering and trendy. So the business took off with the aim of creating a fashionable breastfeeding collection, with dresses and tops featuring a clever and hidden nursing access, and also being nice enough to wear at weddings, parties, dinners or just when you want to feel pretty. All the garments are still eco-friendly and affordably priced.

“Love Milk focuses on sustainable, easy and colourful living. But, most importantly, we want to help making nursing easier and let all mothers feel beautiful.”

Helena Henning, founder of Love Milk

The Love Milk Collection proves that nursing moms don’t need to sacrifice their style and can nurse their babies with confidence and ease all while wearing these chic designs. Love Milk is changing the shape of nursing wear around the globe. The Autumn 2013 collection from Love Milk has been inspired by the very hot nautical and stripes trend and as well as the rich and earthy colours of Autumn. Here are some versatile and stylish pieces from the Love Milk Autumn Collection which have caught our attention:

LoveMilk_046TARA-AUB_front1_largeTara Sweater Dress


LoveMilkGraveintroGRACE nursing top, cream/stripe



NICOLE nursing top, crimson


LoveMilk_012EMMA-DKO_front1_largeEMMA nursing vest top, olive green


LoveMilkEsmeBlackGoldESME Nursing Top, Black/Gold Stripe

The ESME nursing top immediately caught our attention with its flattering design which is sure to compliment every new mum’s post partum figure. This gorgeous top is available in a variety of colours and prints. We love the on trend black and gold stripes and paired with some black trousers or jeans, you can create a stylish and chic look effortlessly. When it is time to nurse baby, simply pull the sleeve inwards (click on product link above) for nursing access. The ESME top is made from a bamboo/elastane fabric and feels beautiful against the skin. The bamboo fabric flows beautifully and the addition of the elastane ensures that your garment retains its shape as well as providing a slimming effect. Available in cream/navy stripe, olive with gold print and black/gold stripe.


LoveMilkMatildaMidnightMATILDA night dress, Midnight

The pretty MATILDA night dress exudes femininity and charm and is the perfect pick for warmer nights. The beautiful design of this night dress lends well to both maternity and nursing, making it a terrific deal! The deep V neck and A line cut are very flattering to all figures. This lovely night dress will make any new mom feel beautiful. This night dress is especially suited to the mum who is new to nursing because the nursing access is so straightforward: simply untie the bow when it is time to feed baby. We love the organic cotton jersey fabric and applaud LOVE MILK for committing to eco-friendly fabrics which are kind to the environment, mom and baby. Available in midnight, white and taupe.


LoveMilkGiseleTaupeGISELE pyjama set, Taupe

For cooler nights, the GISELE pyjama set is the ideal choice of sleep wear and is superbly designed for both the pregnancy and nursing period. The beautiful organic cotton jersey fabric is luxurious and will keep you comfortable all night long. The satin panel on the V neck of the top and the hem of the pants are a lovely touch and make this set a good choice for both sleep wear and or lounge wear. To nurse, simply pull the crossover neckline to the side. This stylish pyjama set is wonderful choice for the upcoming cooler months. Available in taupe or midnight.


Purchase they beautiful styles directly from the Love Milk Shop or find a retailer in your area.

View the latest collection from Love Milk here.

All images copyrighted Love Milk.

World Breastfeeding Week 2013

wbw2013-logo-h31-7 August, 2013

This year’s World Breastfeeding Week (WBW) theme, ‘BREASTFEEDING SUPPORT: CLOSE TO MOTHERS’, highlights Breastfeeding Peer Counselling. Even when mothers are able to get off to a good start, all too often in the weeks or months after delivery there is a sharp decline in breastfeeding rates, and practices, particularly exclusive breastfeeding. The period when mothers do not visit a healthcare facility is the time when a community support system for mothers is essential. Continued support to sustain breastfeeding can be provided in a variety of ways. Traditionally, support is provided by the family. As societies change, however, in particular with urbanization, support for mothers from a wider circle is needed, whether it is provided by trained health workers, lactation consultants, community leaders, or from friends who are also mothers, and/or from fathers/partners.

The Peer Counselling Program is a cost effective and highly productive way to reach a larger number of mothers more frequently. Peer Counsellors can be anyone from the community who is trained to learn to support mothers. Trained Peer Counsellors, readily available in the community become the lifeline for mothers with breastfeeding questions and issues. “The key to best breastfeeding practices is continued day-to-day support for the breastfeeding mother within her home and community.”

Throughout World Breastfeeding Week, we will be highlighting some of our favorite breastfeeding products which help supports mamas on their breastfeeding journeys. Stay tuned!



Sexy Mama Nursing Bra by Le Mystère


Built on the premise that the fit of a bra can truly change the life of a woman, Le Mystère has become a leader and innovator in the intimate apparel industry.

“By incorporating our ‘all about fit’ approach to our design technique, Le Mystère proves that we understand a woman’s need for both fashion and function.

Known for their seamless, supportive, sculpting t-shirt bras, their brand awareness has grown in recent years, showcasing not only their functional products, but the plethora of feminine, fashion styles that they offer, which never cease to serve a specific purpose in the bra wardrobe of any woman.

Although they are renowned for servicing the needs of the full fit customer, they truly cater to women of all shapes and sizes- from average/shallow busted to those who are full fit and firm. Le Mystere understands that no two women are alike.

If you are looking for smooth, t-shirt styles, lacy date night styles, supportive seamed options, specialty/convertible bras, or even the perfect panty, Le Mystere is able to accommodate you in all of these genres and more!

Remember, Fit, Function and Fashion are the keys to a highly confident, well-dressed woman!


The Sexy Mama Nursing Bra is a gorgeous nursing bra from Le Mystère. The Sexy Mama Nursing Bra is designed to both lift and support the breasts (underwire design) without sacrificing on comfort. The low cut design of the bra doesn’t show under your T-shirts enabling you to wear a full range of T-shirts with this bra. The molded foam cups create a smooth look under the clothing as well as discretion. When it is time to nurse, simply pull down the cup (one handed clip design) and you are ready to go!


This stunning bra is wrapped in exclusively designed lace from Desseilles made in Calais, France. This bra is available in Black/Natural and Ivory/Natural in sizes 34-40 C-G. The sizing chart for this brand can be found here.

The Sexy Mama Nursing Bra really does live up to its name and is sure to make any nursing mom feel very sexy. We challenge you to find a sexier nursing bra on the market! Highly recommended.



To find a retailer or an e-tailer, please click here.


The Green Creation Spring/Summer 2012 Picks

“OUR GREEN MISSION is to value every moment, everything and everyone involved with us and the way we conduct business, to move towards:
a greener + healthier earth, using a fair + organic formula, to create hip + functional products.

All our clothes are made from super-soft 100% (GOTS) certified organic cotton and low impact dyes; we play fair from start to finish.

We start with organic farming, using non-toxic, non-chemical fertilizers or pesticides, we then hand pick the best organic cotton. Then, we manufacture our clothes from the finest fabric, and throughout the manufacturing process, we use paddy husk as a source of energy. We recycle the excess material from the process; and play fair throughout, for we believe in our people and our process.

– are UNIQUE. we design exclusive prints, patterns and designs from scratch, that you wouldn’t find anywhere else. – are FASHION-FORWARD. we keep the future in mind. – are FUNCTIONAL. many of our products are reversible and multi-functional. – are NON-TOXIC. we use low impact AZO free dyes and nickel free snaps. – are COMFORTABLE. we use the softest fabric and use tag-less labels where possible.”



Pre-Order for Spring 2012

Organic cotton clothing has come a long way. When Organic Cotton Apparel first hit the market, consumers had limited options as far as colours, prints and styles were concerned. Typically, natural colored clothing was all that was available and for the consumer who craved color and prints, they were plain out of luck. Gone are the plain, natural colored cotton and in its place is bold, fashion forward designs and prints to satisfy consumers. The Green Creation offers beautiful organic cotton clothing for babies, toddlers and children that are well made and top quality. The gorgeous prints are sure to make your little one stand out and provide endless opportunities for photo opportunities.

We love the Retro Flower Line (see above) which is perfect for Spring/Summer 2012. The line includes everyday basics such as kimono bodysuits, which make changing your baby a snap, flexi pants which are wonderful for cloth diapered babies, coordinating reversible baby blankets which are essential for every baby and reversible bibs, to complete the look. This line will make a terrific baby shower gift!

For additional information, please visit The Green Creation Website.

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