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Remember the days before smartphones, tablets, laptops and wifi? These days we have technology at our fingertips to keep up with our fast paced lives, but it may come at a high price to our health and well-being.

Microwave frequency exposure (that of Smartphones, WiFi devices, and more) is a relatively new phenomenon: 100 years ago the background radiation was millions of times lower than it is now, and it is as recent as the mobile phone boom (~1990′s) that the modern, digitally pulsed signals have become ubiquitous in the Western world. Power frequency (50Hz in most of the world, 60Hz in North America) is given off by any appliance or transmission of AC (alternating current) electricity. Electrical wiring creates electric and magnetic power frequency fields throughout houses and other wired buildings, but these levels are usually very low unless there is a wiring fault. Many standard household goods will leak power-frequency EMFs due to poor design.  Some older homes have grounded metal conduit which can help shield us from this form of radiation.

Engineers look at radiation exposure in terms of intensity times duration ( I x D ).  There are things that you can do to limit both:

Duration may be the easiest to reduce simply by limiting the time we use our cell phones, laptops or stand near an operating microwave oven for example.
Intensity of all the radiation we are exposed to is more complex to measure and understand but some things you can do are listed below:

  • Try to use lower radiation producing products.  Keep these products away from your body.  Radiation levels drop off at the Cube of the Distance so being twice as far from a radiation source reduces your exposure to 1/8th.
  • Shield yourself from the sources.  Concrete walls and even drywall can reduce the radiation passing through them, metal cladding including metal roofs work well.  Glass walls have low shielding in general.
  • Make sure your devices are properly grounded.  Many have built in shielding that works best when properly grounded.
  • Look for Low and Ultra-Low Radiation certified WiFi devices.  Many companies now promote the products that they make to these standards. You dont need a wireless router that can cover an entire city block for your home WiFi.  Buy the lowest radiation one you can find and locate it centrally.
  • Check the SAR rating of the cell phone you want to purchase.  Lower numbers, particularly under 0.5, are better.
  • Use a headset or even speaker mode and keep your cell phone away from your body.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth – Use USB instead.
  • Replace Cordless phone with a regular wired phone.
  • Additional shielding ideas: In conjunction with the above recommendations, consider the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation Shield.


Many expecting moms have jobs where they are surrounded by computers all day or are glued to their iPad and laptop throughout the day for social reasons. To dramatically reduce your exposure, invest in the DefenderPad Laptop Radiation Shield.

DefenderPad Features:

“The DefenderPad™ is the first and only laptop shield that is capable of blocking both Extremely Low Frequency (ELF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) and Radio Frequency (RF) Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR). This means you are protected from a myriad of health risks that laptop radiation may cause.”

1) All-In-One Protection

Blocking both ELF & RF radiation, DefenderPad™ offers the most complete laptop radiation protection available. Also, radiation & heat protective technology combined with stylish design make DefenderPad™ an ideal replacement for lap desks, lap trays and laptop cooling pads.

2) Ultra-Portable

Perfect size to use at home or on the go. Light and slim profile easily slips into laptop bags, briefcases and backpacks for easy portability.

3) Work and Play in Comfort

Gently rests with the contour of the lap keeping laptops, tablets and other electronic devices stable.
4) State-of-the-Art

Highly advanced, FCC certified lab tested technology merged with strong, durable materials create an ultra-modern shielding device that delivers state-of-the-art patent pending protection.

5) Peace of Mind

Just by placing The DefenderPad™ between your device and your lap, you have protection that no other shielding product on the market can deliver. You can feel secure knowing that The DefenderPad™ minimizes the health risks of direct exposure to radiation and heat from the devices you use every day.


The DefenderPad is ideally designed for all ages, from children and teenagers through to adults. It is the ideal choice for young adults, many of whom spend hours each day with a laptop or tablet glued to their laps. College kids spend the majority of their days with their laptops resting on their laps and are especially encouraged to use a DefenderPad. In addition, we highly recommend that men and women who are preparing to conceive as well as pregnant women utilize the DefenderPad for their electronic devices. Casual as well as business travelers who spend extended time using their laptops and or tablets at airports are perfect candidates as well. The DefenderPad can accommodate PC and Mac® laptops with up to 17″ displays and the iPad fits comfortably on top of it. The DefenderPad is very user-friendly boasting a lightweight and slim design which fits effortlessly into your laptop bag or backpack. Pairing the DefenderPad with your electronic device will soon become habitual and you can rest assured that you are protecting yourself.


The innovative DefenderPad is well designed and features patent pending shielding layers with two outer case materials: a hard bottom – a food grade polyester and a soft top, a polyurethane with a high concentration of silicone both of which are free of PVC, BPA, BPS and other known environmental contaminants. The DefenderPad is proudly made in the USA and we applaud DefenderPad for choosing to manufacture this product locally. We proudly support American made products.


For further information about the results of both FCC Certified Testing as well as In-House Testing, please click here.


Order your DefenderPad here.

To learn more this innovative and in our opinion essential product, please visit the DefenderPad Website. The Website is easy navigate and features a comprehensive FAQ section to help educate you about radiation exposure.

All images copyrighted DefenderPad.

Fulton Umbrella & Rainwear Accessories Top Picks Winter 2014





Founded in 1956 by engineer and inventor Arnold Fulton in a small factory in London, Fulton has grown to become the largest supplier of umbrellas and rainwear accessories in the UK today.

Quality, technical innovation and fashion design are at the heart of Fulton ideology and they use only the highest quality materials and exacting engineering standards before we hand-finish every product.

Their long-standing British heritage and quality design have been recognised across the world and they are honoured to hold a Royal Warrant to Her Majesty The Queen, and previously to Her Majesty The Queen Mother.

Their in-house fashion design studio and technical research department ensure that Fulton continues to lead the industry, brightening up the dullest of days.


Kensington-2 Porcelain Blue £20.00


Tiny – 2 Country Garden £19.00


Open & Close 101 Folding Umbrella RRP £20.00

Open & Close 101 Folding Umbrella

Strength and convenience combined in an automatic ultra flat design

– Flat compact case designed for easy fit
– Opens and closes easily at the press of a button
– Offers substantial cover for a compact umbrella
– Flexible frame to enhance wind resistance
– Convenient ultra flat design
– Umbrella measures 23cm long when closed, 97cm when open

After going through so many flimsy umbrellas which were destroyed after a single use in stormy weather, we decided to find a high quality folding umbrella which could withstand harsh weather. We found it in the Open & Close Folding Umbrella which is designed to be strong and flexible against the elements. Store in your hand bag so that you are one step ahead of the unpredictable UK weather.


Showermac £25.00


Showermac – stay dry in style with this fashionable, lightweight and compact mac from Fulton.

– Showerproof
– High performance soft feel fabric
– Tailored fit with tie belt
– Detachable hood
– Folds into handy compact bag

This feminine showermac is our top pick for rainwear for 2014. Keep your showermac stashed compactly in your bag so that you are always ready when the rain comes pouring down. Also available in black.


Shop online from the comfort of your home and or contact Fulton to find a retailer in your area.

To see the full collection, please visit Fulton.


All images copyrighted Fulton.

Zulily – Daily bargains for the entire family

Many of the products that we review in our publication can be found on clearance at

Daily deals are posted and there is always a fantastic selection of products for the entire family each day. You pay a shipping fee on the first product that you purchase and after your purchase, you will receive free shipping on all your remaining purchases for that day. Please keep in mind that when you select the free shipping option, your order will typically take a few weeks to arrive. If you are not in a great hurry, this website may be a great fit for you. Consider ordering for the coming season and anticipate the needs of your family. Please read all the terms on their website before purchasing.

Zulily ships to over 100 countries worldwide! See what great offers are available right now on

Happy Shopping!







Giveaway: Virgin Mobile HTC Evo V




We are please to introduce the HTC Evo V from Virgin Mobile.




3G/4G Network
Live fast on 4G WiMAX with network power that will set your hair on fire.

Wi-Fi Capable
Link to local networks to get super-fast performance over the air.

Android™ 4.0
Ice Cream Sandwich offers easy multitasking, customizable screens, resizable widgets and deep interactivity.

4.3″ Touchscreen
Puts your fingers fully in control of web surfing, picture viewing and more.

5.0MP Camera & Camcorder
3D HD imaging and 1.3MP front-facing camera.

Google Play™
Choose from over 500,000 apps and much more including music, movies, books and apps, available from your Android™ device.

Android™ Web Browser
See the web the way it was meant to be seen, including Flash animation.

Mobile Hotspot Enabled
Share your connection with up to five other people or devices.

Environmental Certification
Certified by the independent UL Environment, this phone contains environmentally preferable materials with a minimal environmental impact.


Android™ 4.0 Learn More

Height: 4.8″
Depth: 0.46″
Width: 2.4″
Weight: 5.11 oz.

Screen Size: 4.3″ Touchscreen

Talk time: 6 hours
Standby Time: 12.5 days

1.2 GHz Dual Core Processor

8GB Card Included, Expandable Memory to 32GB (Not Included)

HDMI™ Output
Bluetooth® 3.0


The Beyond Talk Plan offers 3 different options, depending on your specific needs. It is by far the best prepaid phone option on the market today and now everyone can enjoy the full benefits of a Smart Phone while still staying on a budget.

Beyond Talk     Messaging/        Anytime
Rate/Month     Data                    Minutes

$35                  Unlimited            300
$45                  Unlimited            1200
$55                  Unlimited            Unlimited

We think that the $35 monthly plan provides the greatest value for an Android plan in the marketplace. Simply purchase a VM phone, select your plan and you are ready to go. No contract required.


Learn more about the Beyond Talk and Messaging Plan here


The HTC Evo V stands out to us in some big ways:


1.  The larger high resolution screen.  It has a larger screen than most other
smartphones, with high resolution so its easy to read websites, use Google Maps
while driving, or even take notes in a meeting.

2.  Its fast.  The Evo V runs android applications quickly, with little to no screen
delay.  Even when loading large Word documents, Excel spreadsheets or even rendering
a CAD image, the HTC Evo V keeps up with our demands for performance.

3.  Unique 3D picture taking.  Taking pictures using the dual camera 3D system is
quite unique and results in some very interesting photos like we have never seen


4. The HTC Evo V is ergonomically designed. It is sized just right for the adult hand so that you can maintain your hand in a neutral position. This will help to reduce cramping over longer periods of time. The phone is well designed to be held in both the vertical and horizontal positions, thanks to the flat design and ample width which make it easy to hold.

5.  Its solid with a no slip silicon coating.  Other phones are hard, slippery plastic which can fall from your hand.  The HTC Evo V is what we want to see in all handheld devices, ergonomics with coatings to prevent slip so we dont drop our Androids.  Add-on guards often block the screen or camera, but when its designed right in, the silicon coating is the best way to make the phone more comfortable and slip resistant.

To learn more about this phone and to see the full range of phones on offer from Virgin Mobile, please visit

Congratulations to Marc L. who wins his very own HTC Evo V.

Lisa Leonard Designs – Personalized Jewelry

Lisa Leonard is a talented artisan, photographer, wife and mom to two boys. Lisa creates beautiful, unique handmade jewelry which will make the perfect gift for the special someone in your life or gift yourself with a special piece in the collection to celebrate your family.

Lisa draws her inspiration from her family nature, music, food and more and skilfully offers traditional designs with a modern edge. Each piece is hand-cut, hammered, antiqued and polished sterling silver. The range includes NecklacesBracelets, Rings and so much more! Readers can browse the designs for offer on the user friendly website, and view close ups of the designs and as well as how they look on the wearer. If you are having a difficult time deciding what to buy, consider purchasing a gift certificate and allowing the recipient to select for themselves.

Here are our favorite picks from Lisa Leonard Designs:




Mama Necklace

A limited edition, and so so sweet! The 1 1/4″ sterling disc is hand-stamped with the words ‘hand holder. dream soother. love giver. mama’. Strung from adjustable 16-18″ fine, large link chain with freshwater pearl detail at the back of the neck. prefer a word other than mama, maybe nana, mommy, auntie or gramma? Choose a different word up to 6 characters.




Heartstrings Necklace

Those who have our deepest affections hold the string that is forever bound to our hearts. The new heartstrings necklace is a simple, organic expression of deep feeling. A 1 1/4″ sterling disc is customized with two, three or four heartstrings. around the edge, options to hand-stamp names, words, or a date of your choice. Absolutely filled with meaning.



Double Heart Cuff

A thick sterling tag (3/4″ wide by 2″ long) is sweetened with two hammered hearts and words of your choice. Finished with thick sterling chain sturdy, sterling lobster clasp, and a cream freshwater pearl. A gorgeous cuff for everyday!!







Sterling Ring

The updated sterling ring now features a thicker, slightly wider band. Available in sizes 6, 7 or 8. Choose up to 20 hand-stamped characters per ring. Perfect for your kids’ names, a special date or meaningful phrase!




You’re the cream in my coffee

Inspired by the Nat King Cole song {and Lisa’s extreme love of coffee}, this necklace is the perfect way to capture your loved ones and keep them close to your heart. The exclusive coffee cup is hand-stamped on a hand cast sterling pendant, paired with a custom tag and topped off with a freshwater pearl. add additional tags if you wish!




Vintage Frames Necklace

The exclusive, hand-drawn vintage frames are a little funky and a lot of fun! Wear a single charm or layer the charms ($22 for each add’l charm) for a casual, up-to-date look. Lightweight sterling charms are strung from sterling chain and sweetened with a cream, freshwater pearl. Customize each frame with the initial of your choice.

This gorgeous vintage frame necklace is the perfect juxtaposition between traditional and modern and is sure to draw many compliments. The lightweight charms ensure that the necklace remains light and comfortable to wear, as you proceed through your day. The cream, freshwater pearl beautifully compliments the classic vintage frame design, making the wearer feel very special. This necklace will make a terrific gift for the special Mom in your life.


Shining Star Necklace in Honor of Ethan.

Lisa designed this lovely Shiny Star Necklace, in honor of her friend’s son, Ethan, who lost his life to Neuroblastoma. A sterling oval is layered with sterling stars (request the shining star design). Options for customization include hand-stamping your names or a phrase around the edge. Lisa Leonard Designs will be donating 20% of the proceeds of the sale of this necklace towards Neuroblastoma research.





Congratulations to Mia P.

For additional information, please visit: Lisa Leonard Designs

All images copyright Lisa Leonard Designs.

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