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National Insect Week (20th to 26th of June 2016) will be officially launched at BUGS exhibit ZSL London Zoo on Monday, 20th of June, 2016. Every 2 years, the Entomological Society holds a National Insect Week, to inspire people of ages to learn about insects.

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The National History Museum Shop is offering a delightful range of insect themed toys in honour of National Insect Week which all inspire a love and respect of insects.  Our panel of budding young entomologists had the opportunity to test out two of the products:

Bug Safari £12.00


For the buddying mini naturalist in your life, look no further than the Bug Safari.


This kit comes complete with equipment designed by naturalist Nick Baker and includes a field lens, bug tongs, magnifying pot, tweezer, a paint brush and a graticule. A child can easily access each of the equipment as it is designed with a child in mind. An adult may need to assist with the oversize bug tongs as they may be difficult to some children to operate. The magnifying pot is a good size to ensure that most insects can be studied well.


In addition, a detailed guide is included which explains how to use each tool as well as a fact filled guide of common insects that you and your child are likely to encounter throughout the UK. The guide provides the location of the insects, the best time of year to find them, their food source as well as any special safety warnings.


The guide encourages children to seek out insects for further study and at the same time to be very gentle with each creature to ensure that no creature is harmed during the inspection period.

Armed with this guide and the included equipment, along with an adult for supervision, your child will be inspired and ready to explore the world of insects.

This kit is suitable for children ages 5 years and up, under the supervision of an adult.

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Creepy Crawly Torch and Projector £7.00


Bedtime routines for nature lovers will no longer be boring with the introduction of the Creepy Crawly Torch and Projector. This compact and innovative torch and projector comes complete with 24 insert disks which when inserted projects illuminated insect images up to 1 metre in width, encouraging visual learning. 24 insects will mesmorise your child from spiders, a butterfly, a ladybird, a praying mantis and many many more! Perfect for a child who loves nature and insects! A silver chain keeps the torch chained to clothing to ensure that the torch doesn’t get misplaced. This product comes complete with replaceable batteries. Our 5 year old tester was immediately drawn to this product and from the moment his mom showed him how to use it, he was smitten! He carries this torch and projector around with him at all times and can’t wait for bedtime to explore the insect projections. Highly recommended.

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