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Remember the days of snail mail, rotary phones and IBM PC’s? These days we have technology at our fingertips to keep up with our fast paced lives, but it may come at a high price.

Microwave frequency exposure (that of Cell Phones, WiFi devices, and more) is a relatively new phenomenon: 100 years ago the background radiation was millions of times lower than it is now, and it is as recent as the mobile phone boom (~1990’s) that the modern, digitally pulsed signals have become ubiquitous in the Western world. Power frequency (50Hz in most of the world, 60Hz in North America) is given off by any appliance or transmission of AC (alternating current) electricity. Electrical wiring creates electric and magnetic power frequency fields throughout houses and other wired buildings, but these levels are usually very low unless there is a wiring fault. Many standard household goods will leak power-frequency EMFs due to poor design.  Some older homes have grounded metal conduit which can help shield us from this form of radiation.

Engineers look at radiation exposure in terms of intensity times duration ( I x D ).  We can work to limit both of these in our lives.

Duration may be the easiest to reduce simply by limiting the time we use our cell phones, laptops or stand near an operating microwave oven for example.
Intensity of all the radiation we are exposed to is more complex to measure and understand but some things you can do are:

  • Try to use lower radiation producing products.  Keep these products away from your body.  Radiation levels drop off at the Cube of the Distance so being twice as far from a radiation source reduces your exposure to 1/8th.
  • Shield yourself from the sources.  Concrete walls and even drywall can reduce the radiation passing through them, metal cladding including metal roofs work well.  Glass walls have low shielding in general.
  • Make sure your devices are properly grounded.  Many have built in shielding that works best when properly grounded.
  • Look for Low and Ultra-Low Radiation certified WiFi devices.  Many companies now promote the products that they make to these standards. You dont need a wireless router that can cover an entire city block for your home WiFi.  Buy the lowest radiation one you can find and locate it centrally.
  • Check the SAR rating of the cell phone you want to purchase.  Lower numbers, particularly under 0.5, are better. We love the the Galaxy Nexus S from Samsung. You won’t miss your iPhone (super high SAR) with this fully featured Android phone.
  • Use a headset or even speaker mode and keep your cell phone away from your body.
  • Turn off your Bluetooth – Use USB instead.
  • Replace Cordless phone with a regular wired phone.
  • Additional shielding ideas: In conjunction with the above recommendations, consider the Belly Armor Line of Radiation Protection Products.

Many expecting moms have jobs where they are surrounded by computers all day or are glued to their smartphone and laptop throughout the day for social reasons. For some interesting literature on Radiation During Pregnancy, please click here. To lessen exposure, why not invest in a few pieces from the Belly Armor Collection. We love the Belly Band line consisting of the Belly Band (for those who prefer a less snug fit) and the Belly Band Embrace (for those who prefer a snug fit). Each style is available in several color options and sizes. Since Belly Bands are so versatile and still very much in fashion, why not invest in one that also offers some protection against radiation? RadiaShield states the efficacy as follows: 99.9% Shielding Effectiveness (40-60dB). View the independent FCC-certified laboratory testing report on the Belly Armor Website.

No-one will ever know that you are wearing a state of the art belly band thanks to its brilliant design and silky material which feels lovely against your skin. We love the trendy rouching on the Belly Band which results in a very flattering fit over your bump. Belly bands are fantastic for covering up your belly under tops that are starting to creep up, allowing your to wear your tops for a longer period of time.The Belly Band is for expecting mothers who prefer less snugness around their belly and a looser fit. The pleated design makes it easy to adjust coverage vertically and discreetly cover unzipped pants as your belly grows.


The Belly Band is lined with RadiaShield® Fabric, a highly conductive silver textile with the same shielding properties as a 1/4-inch thick sheet of aluminum. It shields by neutralizing incoming electromagnetic waves,canceling out the ambient radiation and reducing your exposure.

Instructions: Wear under or over clothes throughout your pregnancy, with larger side fully covering your belly.


The Belly Band from Belly Armor is ideal for those who are embarking on a preconception program. The Natural Fertility Prescription is an outstanding preconception couple that we encourage all couples to look into.


For a retailer in your area, please click here. To shop from the convenience of your home, please visit the Belly Armor Online Boutique.



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