Easy Exercises for Pregnancy

By Janet Balaskas Photographs by Anthea Sieveking. Janet Balaskas is an internationally renowned pioneer of natural childbirth and the founder and director of the Active Birth Centre .The centre is famous for the unique and innovative environment it offers new parents both before and after birth. Janet is the author of numerous articles and books, including Active Birth, The Encyclopedia of Pregnancy and Childbirth, Natural Pregnancy, Water Birth and Preparing for Birth with Yoga.

Book Description (by Frances Lincoln Publishers):

A guide for every woman who wishes to approach the birth of her baby feeling fit, relaxed and confident: it offers a simple, safe and reliable programme of exercises which, followed throughout pregnancy, should reduce stress and fatigue and increase fitness and suppleness.

Publication Details:

Frances Lincoln
Format: 222 mm x 222 mm (8.7 inches x 8.7 inches)
Binding: Paperback
96 pages
85 photographs

BISAC Code:HEA041000



Success Through Play comments:
In this book, Easy Exercises for Pregnancy, Janet Balaskas offers pregnant readers an exercise program to improve their posture, flexibility and breathing. The exercises are gentle, yet effective and will help prepare the mom for the changes that the body goes through pregnancy as well as prepare her for labor. There is a section for individual exercise, along with exercises that can be performed with a partner. The author, who has decades of experience teaching pregnant women how to exercise safely, along her with personal experiences, offers tips and helpful hints about exercising safely, maintaining a good posture and connecting to your partner and baby, which will carry you through your entire pregnancy and labor.

We assigned a pregnant woman in our panel, Laura, with the task of trying out the exercises. We requested that she show her midwife/doctor the book to get their approval. Laura is 4 months pregnant and was eager to put the exercises to the test. Laura commented that the instructions in the book are very clear and the illustrations made it easy for her to grasp the concept and complete the exercises safety. Laura leads a busy lifestyle and was pleased that was able to incorporate some exercises and positioning into her everyday life, which helped her to save time. She felt energized after doing the stretches and exercises in the book and along with gentle swimming and walking several times a week, felt that she had a great fitness plan. Laura expressed that her favorite exercises were the ones that she could perform with her partner and she particularly enjoyed the section of the book which offered massage suggestions and positions for labor. Laura would highly recommend this book to anyone who is pregnant. Please consult your midwife/doctor before starting this or any other exercise program.

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