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Ingrid & Isabel was founded by Ingrid Carney. When Ingrid was pregnant with her first child back in 2001, she had a fashion crisis one morning when her belly had popped overnight and she was no longer able to button up her pants. This crisis was the inspiration for the development of the Bellaband.

The Bellaband is a stretchy band with seamless construction which you wear over your unzipped or unbuttoned pants to keep them secure against your body allowing you to still wear them. This versatile band is a “must have” in your pregnancy wardrobe and can be worn throughout the pregnancy and postpartum/nursing stages.

When you are in your early pregnancy and your non maternity pants are no longer fitting, simply grab your BellaBand and pull it over your unzipped or unbuttoned pants. This will allow you to wear your non-maternity pants longer. By folding over the Bellaband, you will have an additional layer to effectively conceal your button/zipper. The Bellaband is also wonderful for concealing your bump which peeks out from your non maternity tops which are getting shorter and shorter. The Bellaband is designed in such a way that it will appear as if you are wearing a tank under your tops with a layering effect. The Bellaband will enable you to have a far greater choice of styles to wear during your pregnancy, without the huge investment.

The Bellaband will allow you to continue wearing your pre-pregnancy pants during your pregnancy


Folded over for extra coverage

As you progress in your pregnancy and you start to purchase maternity apparel, you may find that your new maternity pants are too big. The Bellaband will prevent your pants from slipping down below your belly, allowing you to wear your maternity clothes sooner. Worn as one layer, the Bellaband is also useful for smoothing out your belly, allowing you to wear fitted maternity tops. After baby is here, you may find that your maternity clothes are too big and your non-maternity pants are too small. The Bellaband will once again come in handy as it will keep your maternity pants in place and also allow you to wear your non-maternity pants unbuttoned or unzipped. For nursing moms, the Bellaband can be worn higher up to cover your tummy while you are nursing, thus allowing your to wear your nursing bra with any style top, with the addition of the Bellaband underneath.

Wear the Bellaband throughout pregnancy and post partum


New Bellaband Lace updated design

Bellaband Lace now featuring a stay-put silicone strip.

The new improved Bellaband Lace (as well as the Everyday) features a stay-put silicone strip for more hold and added length for extra coverage.  The silicone strip really helps the band adhere to your pants, preventing the band from riding/rolling up your pants.

Stay-put silicone strip

The longer length is wonderful for those with a long torso and also gives you more versatility when wearing your Bellaband, especially as your belly gets larger and also for the post-partum period. We love the feminine lace which looks gorgeous under any top! A Bellaband that is both stylish and functional – simply genius! Available in black or white.

Bellaband Organic (Original Design)

Eco-moms to be will love the Bellaband Organic. This version is made from 95% organic cotton is a wonderful choice in the warmer seasons. The super soft organic cotton feels wonderful against your body and is ideal for those with sensitive skins. The Bellaband Organic is the original style Bellaband and does not feature the silicone strip. Available in white and sand.

Bellaband Organic



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