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The Back to Sleep Campaign has been extremely successful in reducing the number of SIDS cases, however, it has had an unintended side effect: many parents now never put their babies on their tummy to play. Healthcare Professionals recommend that infants sleep on their backs. The keywords here are “BACK TO SLEEP” and “TUMMY AWAKE”, meaning place baby on his back to sleep but during his awake hours, ensure that he gets plenty of supervised Tummy Time throughout the day. Ensuring that baby spends minimal time in a container (pushchair, swing, bouncer, car seat when not in a car etc), plus the addition of supervised Tummy Time on the Tummy with Mummy when baby is AWAKE will reduce a baby’s chances of developing plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), which is clearly on the rise. In addition, regular supervised Tummy Time will help baby to develop strength and muscle coordination and will enhance his motor development. When baby is lying on his tummy and begins to push up on his hands, this weight bearing activity helps to develop the arches of his hand, which is very important for handwriting. Tummy Time allows baby an opportunity to practice skills that are precursors to crawling, such as reaching, pivoting and scooting.

Introducing the Tummy with Mummy System. This innovative system was specifically designed with both the parents and the baby in mind. Parents would often complain how uncomfortable they were crouching down on the floor when baby was participating in tummy time. The Tummy with Mummy System is one of the few Tummy Time Seats on the market which raises baby off the ground during Tummy Time, allowing parents to assume a more comfortable posture while engaging with baby. In addition to Tummy Time, the Tummy Time system can change and adapt effortlessly thanks to the clever zipper system to function as a recliner and an upright seat,taking the place of several other baby products and saving you precious space.

The Tummy Time System is wonderful for home use. It is lightweight and compact enough to travel with, whether it is to the park, the grandparents or even for holiday travel. The Tummy Time System folds flat when not in use or for travel. Overall the Tummy with Mummy is a great option for those who have limited space in their homes, who travel frequently or visit the grandparents often.


Please visit the Tummy with Mummy online shop to find out how to purchase your very own Tummy with Mummy for your baby or as a gift.



  • Begin tummy time soon after your baby is born. Start with a few minutes, working up to an hour a day (in split short sessions) by 3 months. In the early weeks, lay baby on your chest (parent laying down on a bed or couch, propped up), tummy to tummy, for skin to skin contact and to facilitate bonding. This will serve as a gentle introduction to tummy time, so that baby becomes used to being on his tummy from the beginning.
  • Link tummy time with activities of daily living (when changing babies nappy, bathing, playing) e.g after every diaper change, place baby on his tummy for a few minutes. When tummy time is part of a routine, baby is more likely to enjoy it.
  • Make Tummy Time Fun Time! Get down onto baby’s level and introduce toys to capture and sustain his attention. Use a mirror – babies love to look at themselves in a mirror.
  • Carrying position. When carrying baby around the house, carry him securely in a tummy down position instead of upright.


For additional information about the Tummy with Mummy, please visit the Tummy with Mummy Website.

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