BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light

With the peak travel season just around the corner, families are busy making holiday plans and deciding where to stay at their destination. Whether you plan to stay at a hotel, motel or resort, give some thought to where you little one will be sleeping while on holiday.

Most travelling families use cots and play yards provided by motels and hotels. Estimates show that children under age 2 spend more than 7 million nights per year in hotels, motels and resorts. In an ongoing investigation, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and the National SAFE KIDS® Campaign found unsafe cots and play yards in the majority of hotels they visited around the country. The UK and other European countries are no different. In several random surveys from 2001-2006, Safe Kids Worldwide found many hotel-issued cots to be defective, damaged or even recalled from the market. From motels to luxury resorts, SAFE KIDS found that four out of five of the hotels they checked had cots with at least one safety hazard including: loose hardware; soft bedding, comforters or pillows that could cause suffocation; or adult-sized sheets that pose a strangulation and suffocation hazard. So even if you are staying at a very pricey, upscale hotel, don’t assume that the cots that they will provide you with are any safer. Surprising, is that at the time of the investigation, only one hotel chain committed to making a concerted effort to providing safe cots at their hotels, while the remaining hotels, motels and resorts did not.

Instead of playing Russian roulette and waiting to see what kind of cot your hotel will provide you with on the day (some may not have any on site or not enough to go around), why not take the initiative and plan ahead. Introducing the BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light, the innovative lightweight travel cot which will change the way that you go on holiday with your child forever. Used correctly, the Travel Cot Light from BABYBJÖRN is the safest travel cot on the market, bar none. Photo (right) Copyright BABYBJÖRN

The innovative BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light is true to its name and weighs in at just 5kg/11lbs, making it lightweight enough to transport with ease. The BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light comes in its own carry case which measures 24″ x 19″ x 7″ complete with a sturdy carry strap.


Once you have arrived at your destination, setting up the BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light couldn’t be any easier or any quicker. Simply unzip the carrying case and remove the contents from the bag. Set the mattress aside and holding the travel cot frame in both hands, unfold with one swift movement. Check to make sure that the legs are fully extended and locked into place and then place the mattress inside the cot. That is it, you are done! Even a pregnant mom can set it up with lightening speed, as demonstrated in this demo.


The exceptional Swedish engineering enables the Travel Cot Light to unfold in one swift movement, which is truly remarkable. Even though the Travel Cot weighs in at just 5 kg, the unique design and solid construction makes it very stable. The mattress cover and fabric parts that come into contact with your baby meet Oeko-Tex standards, so parents can rest easy knowing that no harmful chemicals are coming into contact with your baby. The fabric components of the travel cot are easy to remove and are washable. The mattress measures 42 x 24 in and features a water repellent mattress cover to protect it from accidents. Travelling can be especially tough on little ones and adding to that a strange new environment which can push your baby into sensory overload. Bringing your own travel cot which your baby is familiar with, can help ease the anxiety of travel, and despite the new surroundings, baby is sleeping in his own familiar travel cot which can help to calm and soothe him.

BABYBJÖRN offers an organic cotton fitted sheet (Oeko-Tex certified) which is designed to fit the travel cot mattress perfectly, ensuring a snug and safe fit. Baby will love the soft organic cotton against his skin.

Folding the travel cot is just as easy. Reach in and remove the mattress and place it in the carry bag. Then flip the cot over and following the printed diagram, proceed to fold each leg of the cot so that they criss cross each other. Fold the cot in half and place it inside the mattress, zip the bag and you are ready to go.

The BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light is very versatile and will prove to be invaluable during sleepovers at grandmas house, or simply nap times at home so that mom can keep a close eye on baby during the day, while continuing with the household chores.

The BABYBJÖRN Travel Cot Light is ideal for newborns to age 3 and is currently available in a 4 colour choices. For purchasing information, please click here

For additional information, please visit: 

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My Carry Potty with free potty training book

Toilet training is often feared by both parents and toddlers, especially when out and about, but with the right attitude, tools and plenty of patience and positive reassurance, you will be able to tackle this complex skill with success. Martha Sears, RN, co-author of The Baby Book, recommends waiting until your child is ready before starting potty training. Here are some signs which may indicate that your child is ready for potty training:

  • Your child becomes aware of his/her elimination
  • Your child signals that he wants to be changed after a poopy nappy
  • Your child expresses the need for “alone time” to eliminate in private
  • Your child requests assistance with changing after elimination
  • Your child is staying dry for longer periods of time
  • Your child can follow simple instructions

A child will often display these signs around age 2, which is the also the age when a child will start to assert their independence. If a new baby comes along at this time, it may make potty training difficult. It is very important to follow your child’s lead and take cues from him. Remember that you are your child’s teacher and you should never punish them.  Once a child becomes aware of his functions, it will be easier to direct him to a potty chair. Try to approach potty training with a light hearted approach as being anxious will only make your child feel anxious. Have faith in your child and allow him to take the lead.

Potty Chairs offers many advantages over a regular toilet, when you are beginning potty training. A child may be afraid of the “big white toilet with the swirling water” so starting with a potty chair is a good idea. Having a potty chair on hand means that you won’t need to find a toilet in time, resulting in less overall stress. A potty chair is sized just right for toddlers and far safer than climbing onto a toilet which is oversized and too tall for them. Many potty chairs are colourful and appealing for children who can take ownership of them.

Amanda Jenner, inventor of My Carry Potty, recommends introducing the idea of potty training through story telling. Amanda has authored a brand new potty training book called “George and Hollie and the Magic Carry Potties.” George and Hollie are twins who are about to embark on their potty training journey. Follow the twins as they select their new potty chairs, pants and learn about the trials and errors of potty training. This beautifully illustrated book is the perfect introduction to potty training and will help parents introduce the idea of potty training and initiate a discussion about the topic with their child. This fun book comes complete with a reward chart and stickers to make the process fun and to provide positive reinforcement. The potty training book comes free with the purchase of the My Carry Potty.

Available in 3 bold and bright colours: pink, yellow and blue.

My Carry Potty

My Carry Potty is the new solution to potty training. It’s lightweight, leak-proof and completely bag-free. It’s designed with a unique lid that provides a completely watertight seal. Made from a high quality, durable plastic that’s easy on the eye and it’s easy to keep clean. Your My Carry Potty has a strong seal to prevent leaks. To open My Carry Potty, place it on a firm, horizontal surface with the handle facing away from you. Push the button, and firmly pull the top open. You’ll find that My Carry Potty then opens smoothly, with no splashes.

My Carry Potty has a unique design that is leak proof

Care Instructions

  • Wash your My Carry Potty with hot, soapy water and spray with a steriliser after each use.
  • Do not use bleach on My Carry Potty.


  • The My Carry Potty is very lightweight and weighs just 685g when empty.
  • Measures 22.5cm wide, 25cm long and 12.5cm deep.

Road Test

The My Carry Potty is a very innovative portable potty which boasts a very unique design unlike any other portable potty on the market. The My Carry Potty was designed with both parent, child and the environment in mind. The My Carry Potty is designed to hang over your pushchair or be carried by your child. The well designed handle is kid friendly and ease for little hands to grip. When the time comes for your child to go potty, you won’t need to look for a bathroom. Simply find a discreet spot and let your child go potty. The My Carry Potty doesn’t use any plastic bags which are expensive and very unkind to the environment. Now this is when the design of the My Carry Potty really becomes apparent. You simply close the lid of the My Carry Potty (you will hear a distinctive click) sealing in the contents until such time as you can empty the potty at a public toilet or even at home. A quick rinse and the My Carry Potty is available for use again. The My Carry Potty will make outings and adventures so much less stressful as you won’t have to look for a toilet. Public toilets can be very dirty and having the My Carry Potty will allow parents to bypass the dirty toilets. In addition as many parents know, even if a clean public toilet is in the near vicinity, when your child expresses the need to go potty, he needs to go NOW and is unable to wait often even the few minutes it takes to get to the nearby toilet. The My Carry Potty is wonderful for home use, nursery and any outdoor outing, including outings at the beach.

The My Carry Potty is the new essential tool for parents and children and can be utilised both at home and when out and about, making it the ideal potty for children. For parents who are practising Elimination Communication, the My Carry Potty is the best designed travel potty and is highly recommended.

Kid friendly design

Potty Training Tips

  • Involve your child in choosing the potty so that he becomes part of the process from the very beginning.
  • Encourage your child to practice sitting on the potty in order to get used to it
  • Place the potty where your child spends most of his time. This way your child can become familiar with the potty and it become part of the furniture.
  • Point out the potty to your child so that he becomes aware of it.
  • Introduce a reward system and make a reward chart together with your child.
  • Identify something really special that your child would like as a reward and provide plenty of praise, positive fun potty training stories and stickers to encourage him along the way.
  • Go shopping together with your child and let him pick out a few pairs of training pants that are easy for him to take off. Start with less clothes and work up to more.
  • Once your child is completely dry during the day, you can tackle potty training at night. Switch to training pants to begin with.


The My Carry Potty with free potty training book is available from Cheeky Rascals. Visit the My Carry Potty and click on “Buy Now”.

Cheeky Rascals believe that with the right products parenting becomes a little easier. Cheeky Rascals has hand picked clever, quality nursery brands for you to enjoy.

All images copyrighted My Carry Potty.

Organic Baby Carrier by Boba

There are many benefits to carrying your baby in a carrier. Studies indicate that babies who are carried in a carrier CRY LESS compared to those that aren’t. In our modern society of expensive and trendy strollers and other “containers”, it is a pity that many parents are unaware of the concept of carrying your baby in a carrier, which costs a fraction of the cost of most strollers and offers many more benefits. Lets examine some of the sensory and motor experiences of babywearing and contrast them with the same baby in a stroller. A baby in a stroller is physically away from mom/dad’s body, and usually can’t see his parents or smell them or even hear their voices. He lies passively on his back in his stroller, and may be confused and even disoriented, with no human touch to soothe or reassure him. A baby positioned correctly in a carrier is worn close to mom/dad’s body. He can feel their heartbeat, see their faces, hear them talk, smell them and is reassured by their touch. Bonding occurs without any hassles and successful breastfeeding is more likely with baby being carried against mom’s body. The baby in the carrier is not lying flat on his back, but rather in a range of positions which will place less pressure on his skull, reducing his risk of developing plagiocephaly. He moves with mom/dad and in turn receives vestibular stimulation. He is actively engaging his muscles as he shifts to maintain his balance as mom/dad move. He is working on developing his head control and strengthening his muscles, unlike the baby in the stroller, who remains passively on his back. The baby in the carrier is receiving what is essentially a swaddling like effect in the carrier which calms him via proprioceptive input to his joints. Mom/dad are more in tune with his needs, as they are very close to him. He can look up and see their faces.

There are many soft carriers on the market to select from. We have previously featured the Boba Baby Wrap, one of our favorite wraps and today we are focusing on the Boba Baby Carrier. Introducing the 3G Baby Carrier from Boba. Boba is a Soft Structured Carrier (SSC) that is intended for babies and children between 7-45lbs. Carry options include both front and back carry. The Boba Baby Carrier is available in a regular and organic version. We will be highlighting the Organic Baby Carrier today. The Organic Baby Carrier is available in 3 different color options: Chestnut, Pine and Walnut.  The Boba Organic carriers are made with 100% Organic cotton and are free from any potential harmful materials or dyes.

The 3G Baby Carrier offers some significant improvements over the past 1G and 2G models, per the chart below:

Boba offers several innovative features not seen on other carriers:

  • The foot straps attached to the waist belt keep older children comfortable while enabling a healthy sitting position. The footstraps not only give tired little legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position which naturally tilts the pelvis, fills out the hip sockets and aligns the spine.
  • The new infant conversion option allows you to use the Boba Carrier 3G with babies over 7lbs. The best part is that there is absolutely no insert or accessory needed! Simply follow the instruction booklet included with your Boba Carrier to learn how to use the new Boba Carrier 3G for your newborn.
  • Boba has a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one’s back. The Boba Carrier 3G is approximately 2-3”  higher than other soft structured carriers.
  • The new 3G design is made to fit parents of all shapes and sizes without purchasing an extension belt or accessory. All straps are fully adjustable, and elastic bands are provided so you can comfortably tuck the straps away once you have the carrier adjusted for you and your child.


The 3G Boba Baby Carrier is designed to support babies from 7 lbs and up – new insert required. This is unique design is only found on the 3G model.


Organic Baby Carrier Chestnut

Left: Boba is designed with a few extra inches of height to keep your center of gravity closer to your body and support your little one’s back. This in turn reduces shoulder strap pressure and helps you maintain a good posture. In addition, your child has the option to put their arms in or out of the carrier. A purse strap holder on the shoulder straps is a new feature which will allow moms to carry less when running short errands.

Right: The innovative sleeping hood supports baby’s neck in a neutral position during nap times and shields him from the elements. It removes easily for versatility. New for the 3G model are the adjustment straps and zipper pocket on the hood which adjusts to support a newborn hold and adds additional storage respectively.

Organic Baby Carrier Walnut

What makes the Boba very unique is that it features foot straps (attached to the waist belt) for the child’s feet to be placed in, thereby enabling a healthy sitting position for the child. Obtaining the 90-90 posture (approximate joint angles at hip and knee) is favored by many pediatric experts when referencing ergonomic seating positions. The footstraps not only give little tired legs a rest, but support the legs in a flexed abducted (froglike) position. In addition, the foot straps may have a calming effect on fussy babies due to the proprioceptive input to the feet.

Despite the Boba Baby Carrier being very lightweight, it is  designed with safety in mind. Correctly worn, the Boba will support baby in an ergonomic position by placing baby in a seated position with abduction of the hips (knees apart) with the weight off the spine with hip flexion greater than 90 degrees (baby’s bottom is lower than knees). This position looks similar to a “squatting position” which toddlers assume throughout the day. For the adult, the well padded wide shoulder straps and the supportive waist band (to be worn on the hip for shorter people) help to distribute baby’s weight evenly, thus minimizing shoulder and back pain. The waistband is now adjustable from 25″-58″ (new extended length) to accommodate most parents. The multiple pockets (new) allow parents to store essential while on the go. Even the most well designed and constructed carrier must be worn correctly to reap the benefits. Our veteran engineer commented that the Boba Carrier is well designed and constructed, is streamlined in design and offers quality finishes and components. The back position requires some practice to hoist baby onto your back, but can be easily mastered by having someone spot you, with the bed and mirror close by for the initial few times.

The fabric is lightweight yet strong and super soft against both the baby and the wearers skin. It is important to select products with organic fabrics whenever possible, as the skin is our largest organ and it readily absorbs chemicals. Conventional cotton is grown with many pesticides and herbicides which can be directly absorbed into the skin when wearing clothing. Organic cotton on the other hand is produced with no chemicals and is a healthier alternative, particularly for baby’s sensitive skin. From an environmental point of view, we only have one earth and we need to do everything that we can to protect it for future generations. Pesticides and chemicals wreak havoc with the earth’s fragile ecosystem and the toxic chemicals end up in our water supply and food chain, which can have disastrous consequences.

Our test panel reported that the carrier felt extremely comfortable to wear throughout their day and made grocery shopping a breeze. The Boba can be tucked away into the waist belt when not in use saving the wearer precious time by not having to put it on and take it off frequently. One parent reported that when wearing baby in the back position, they noticed an improvement in their own posture! In addition, baby fell asleep immediately and when it was time to set her down, they were able to transition her from carrier to crib without her waking. Careful thought, skill and planning has gone into creating this very unique design.

We have reviewed many, many carriers over the years, but this one is very special. Most structured carriers are very heavy and hard to wear in the summer months, but the Boba is well designed for year round use. The new 3G design extends the age range of the carrier from 7-45lbs making it a terrific buy!

Organic Teething Pads


The Boba Organic Teething Pads are made to snap around the shoulder strap of your Boba Baby Carrier. The teething pads are 100% Organic Cotton, reversible and free of potentially-dangerous chemicals and dyes. They’re completely safe for babies who want to chew everything in sight – particularly your Boba Carrier. The Teething Pads are a fantastic accessory and will help to keep your Boba clean and dry while keeping baby content.  The Teething pads will reduce the need to wash your entire Boba when baby chews on just the straps, saving you time and energy and keeping your Boba looking new and fresh.


Buy directly from the online boutique. 

All pictures copyrighted Boba.


Holiday Shopping with JoJo Maman Bébé



JoJo Maman Bébé, Newport, UK based company,  was founded in 1993 by Laura Tenison who recognised the gap in the market for stylish maternity fashion. Laura, who was living at the time in Brittany, Western France, was inspired by the Nautical Breton Style which still remains a prominent feature in the current collection. Laura, a mother of two, started JoJo with just a single sewing machine, and today, JoJo is regarded as the UK’s foremost niche market specialist in pregnancy, baby, children and nursery market. JoJo prides itself on the treatment of its staff and third party workers and has links to Africa charity Nema – which aims to reduce infant mortality in Mozambique.

In addition to their designer line of maternity, nursing and children’s clothing, JoJo also offers a fantastic selection of toys and children’s products. Here are our picks for the upcoming Holiday Season. Each of these products will make terrific gifts!

Reversible Play Mat


A play mat is one of the most versatile products which you can purchase for your child and will grow with him from the infant phase through to the toddler and preschool years. This mat is ideal to use for tummy time from the very first weeks of life. Since it is lightweight and rolls up compactly, you can move it easily from room to room. Parents/grandparents/caregivers can multi task by placing the mat in the kitchen area for example and supervising their child while they are preparing food. The mat will also come in handy once baby learns to roll, sit and crawl and will provide the ideal sensory motor environment for your baby to master the early milestones. The mat is also ideal to place over tiles which can be slippery as well as cold, creating a warm and inviting space for your baby to play. This reversible play mat offers mat2essentially 2 mats in 1 because it features a different design on either side. The first side features bright and colourful squares, each featuring an animal with a corresponding letter of the alphabet. Plenty of learning opportunities can stem from this terrific design. Flip the mat over and you will find a kid friendly map complete with roads, houses, parks etc. Your child will love pushing their toy cars along the streets, making up exciting adventures along the way with the mat providing the stimulus for imaginative play. The mat is waterproof making it ideal for the little ones and very easy to wipe clean.

ABC Architectural Building Blocks

blocklargeBuilding blocks are classic toys which have been enjoyed by many generations. The ABC Architectural Building Blocks are a modern take on the traditional wooden building block. They are soft yet durable and perfectly sized for little hands. Suitable from 6 months of age upwards, these innovative blocks are Phthalate and BPA free making them safe for baby to mouth.  The blocks are uniquely designed for tactile stimulation offering a variety of textured surfaces which provide rich sensory feedback to little hands. Each block has a letter and corresponding animal and includes towers and arches for older children so children can get really creative. These blocks are sure to become your baby’s favorite toys and will hold their interest for many years to come. The blocks come in their very own handy carry case and 26 blocks are included.

Bobo Buddies 4 in 1 Travel Toy

BobabuddiesBobo Buddies are plush travel toys which will help to ease your child through the usually stressful experience of travelling whether via plane, car, bus, train or sea. The Boba Buddies 4 in 1 toy offers a great value because it is multifunctional:

1. In its most simplest form, it is an adorable plush toy  available in 4 different animals: Elephant, Giraffe, Lion and Monkey. Your child will be comforted during travelling because they will have their familiar friends right next to them throughout their journey.

2. Functional mini backpack: Perfect for outings, the mini backpack can hold some basic essentials and the padded straps (arms of the animal) are designed for both security and comfort.

3.  Travel pillow: When your little one is all worn out and ready for a sleep, the Boba Buddies will come to the rescue once again by functioning as a pillow.

4. Blanket:  Keep your child warm with the soft blanket which is versatile and is sure to come in handy during your travel adventures.

The Boba Buddies is a wonderful product for travelling because it is so multifunction. Perfect for quick outings or longer journeys. You will always be prepared when you bring the Boba Buddies along with you.




Shop the JoJo online boutique or find a store in your area. Our testers have received their samples in a very timely manner and we can attest to the prompt and professional service from JoJo. Shop in the comfort of your home with complete confidence.

All images copyrighted JoJo Maman Bébé


Miracle Blanket® Giveaway

An exhausted father’s frustration gave birth to the Miracle Blanket® — ecstatic customers named it after sleeping for the first time in weeks! Michael Gatten decided he wouldn’t settle for another colicky baby.

Following exhaustive research, cutting, stitching and testing the design on his then four-week-old son, Michael created a simple and incredibly effective solution that greatly enhances the age-old technique of swaddling. Before he knew it, Good Housekeeping Magazine® got a hold of his creation, gave it the coveted “Thumbs Up!” and the rest is history. In 2002 Michael Gatten formed AMB Enterprises, an Oregon company based in Medford , to produce and distribute the Miracle Blanket® which is now used around the world by 100s of
thousands of parents, hospitals, pediatricians, midwives, nannies, NICU nurses, Maternity Ward Nurses, day care facilities. Sales have spread throughout the United States , United Kingdom , South Africa , Switzerland, Mexico , Canada , Australia , New Zealand as well as Japan , Korea, China and the Philippines, Scandinavia and Germany to name a few.

DESCRIPTION (Provided by Miracle Blanket®)

The Miracle Blanket® is the only true swaddling blanket successfully designed to mimic the womb in a way that nearly always triggers a dream-like serenity in a restless, crying baby almost immediately. The Miracle Blanket® is designed to eliminate excess fabric which traps heat leading to overheating. Additionally, the fabric selected for Miracle Blanket is a very breathable 100% cotton knit that actually becomes even more breathable when stretched. This is in stark contrast to other products on the market that are made of flannel/combed cotton and micro fleece. The result, a blanket that causes less overheating than any other blanket that can be wrapped as securely and safely.

The unique shape of the Miracle Blanket also provides lateral pressure across the mid-section acting as a “colic band” while placing a lighter pressure across the chest to avoid inhibiting breathing and no actual binding/snugness below the hips. Because of this, there is no binding whatsoever on the legs. wrapped as tightly as possible. This is another aspect not taken into consideration by other products. Patented arm flaps inside the Miracle Blanket loosely hold baby’s arms at its side preventing movement across the chest which can wake a baby or allow a baby to free its hands and scratch its face. The Miracle Blanket is also specifically designed to cause no binding whatsoever below the waist; yet another major benefit over using a traditional receiving blankets or other “swaddlers” on the market. Finally, the non-binding/loose foot pocket incorporated into the blanket’s overall design allows for a good tight swaddle of the upper-body as needed, while actually eliminating any concern over binding the hips, legs or feet.

Summary of Benefits (according to Miracle Blanket):

*Helps newborns sleep longer and deeper.
*Patented design combines all the subtle aspects of swaddling that help babies sleep while eliminating everything that might be problematic or meaningless.

*Even lateral belly pressure
*“Swaddles” arms separately limiting arm movement; absorbs perspiration and more effectively recreates the familiar sensations of the womb.
*Features a large foot pocket which allows for a loose wrap below the hips *Easy to wrap and won’t unravel.
*One size fits all up from preemie to four months.

*Has no VELCRO, buttons, knots or adjustments to disturb or scratch baby.

*Not to be confused with a simple sack or loose baby wrap.

*Hundreds-of-thousands of parents and professionals say our product almost always works better than others on
the market.

Video Demo of the Miracle Blanket:
Click here.

Maternal Whispers CD

Maternal Whispers™ is the first title in the Miracle Sounds™ series. Maternal Whispers is the only baby sleep CD to actually mimic the familiar soothing, rhythmic sounds a baby hears from inside a mother’s womb as opposed to the sound of an ultrasound machine. When coupled with the Miracle Blanket, which provides a feeling of that snug security reminiscent of the womb, this CD will provide newborns with a more natural and peaceful sleep environment than one ever thought possible.


USA: Scroll down to find the store locator (enter zip) or purchase directly from Miracle Blanket by visiting their online store:

Miracle Blanket Online Store.

Canada – Rusty Gatten , Rusty Can Enterprises, (805) 428-5796,

UK – Russell Perry, Bibs and Stuff, +44 (0)1293 774924,

Remainder of Europe
– Chanan Ash, Bonfit South Africa , +27 (11) 447 4785,

Sally Baldwin
International: (612) 9345-0676
Local: 1300 886 470

South Africa – Chanan Ash, Bonfit South Africa , +27 (11) 447 4785,

Success Through Play™ comments:

The Miracle Blanket® is a well designed and innovative product which will appeal to parents who have babies with colic. Always confirm with your baby’s pediatrician/GP that the cause of excessive fussiness and/or crying is as a result of colic. It is imperative to have a medical professional rule out any problems before assuming that it is colic. In addition, please consult your baby’s doctor before using any swaddling product to make sure that your infant is a suitable candidate.

The practice of swaddling a fussy baby mimics the womb in that swaddling provides babies with tactile and proprioceptive input similiar to what a baby experiences in utero. In May 2005, a study was published in the Journal of Pediatrics (The Official Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics), which demonstrated that babies who are swaddled sleep longer compared with babies who are not swaddled because swaddling inhibits a number of reflexes, including the hunger reflex. The full pdf can be read here. Since swaddling is most effective in the first 3-4 months, parents should be particularly conscious of how often they are feeding their newborn, to ensure that their baby doesn’t go for long stretches without eating, particularly if they are swaddled. For this reason, we recommend that swaddling be reserved for babies who are very fussy and whose doctors have confirmed that they indeed have colic and have approved the use of a swaddling product. Swaddling should be used for limited periods only. Hold your swaddled baby as much as possible to add an important element of touch and bonding.

We would like to thank Miracle Blanket® for sending a generous box of samples for our international parent panel. It didn’t take us very long to find desperate parents who had colicky babies on their hands! We rushed the Miracle Blankets® out to the anxious parents and waited for a response. Within hours of receiving the samples via mail, parents had emailed us with their comments!

One parent in the UK exclaimed:”This blanket truly is a miracle. We have been battling to get our 4 week old son with colic to settle down and stop crying and nothing has helped him until now. I would definitely recommend the Miracle Blanket to all parents of colicky babies.”

Another parent in South Africa added: “Watching your baby scream for hours and hours on end, day in and day out is heartbreaking. Our paediatrician confirmed that our daughter has colic but offered little advice which left us feeling so desperate. Once the sample arrived, we took a moment to watch the video demo and then we rushed over to our screaming daughter and within seconds she stopped crying, calmed down and had the longest nap thus far.” I can’t begin to tell you how wonderful the silence was. Thank you Miracle Blanket®.”

Parents in the USA felt the same way. “The Miracle Blanket® is so well designed and very easy to use. Parenting is overwhelming enough and we really liked the fact that we could swaddle our son in a matter of seconds, without any stress or confusion about how to do it.”

Another family tested out the Maternal Whispers CD in conjunction with the Miracle Blanket® and reported tremendous success. “The Miracle Blanket® combined with the Maternal Whispers is a dynamic duo. We felt empowered that we could take a active steps towards helping her calm down. Wrapping her in the Miracle Blanket and then having the Maternal Whispers CD play in the background was a wonderful way for us to help create a womb like space for her. We held her and rocked her gently while she was swaddled which made all the difference.”

To learn more, please visit:


News Alert:

Miracle Industries, LLC. has recently and proudly announced the inception of it’s new “Certified Miracle” seal of approval. You can find out more at To become a Certified Miracle, a product must be unique, high quality, very useful, and come from a company with high standards of customer service. Manufacturers cannot submit their own products for approval, and no payment is taken – thus, Miracle Industries can be 100% objective and provide you with an unbiased opinion.


Congratulations to Marlene Y.




Silver Cross Pop Lightweight Stroller



Pop is Silver Cross’s most practical, durable and best selling stroller, jam-packed with features designed to handle the demands of everyday life. This brilliant all rounder is suitable from birth; its stylish design giving you the freedom to get out and about quickly, yet in real comfort. It’s lightweight, totally portable and has comfort and safety built in. A real gem.

New Colours for Summer 2012!

Silver Cross Pop Filigree

Silver Cross Pop Ellipse

Silver Cross Pop Dandelion


The Silver Cross Pop is an umbrella type stroller and a wonderful alternative to the bulky, full size strollers on the market. With the travel season in full swing, consider the Pop for vacation travel. The Pop is available in a range of stylish, modern prints and colours to suit every parents and baby. The Pop is very easy to set up. Simply follow the pictorial directions for guidance. The high quality of the stroller is apparent from the initial set up. The handlebars, which are an important feature of a stroller are designed with mum and dads comfort in mind. The stroller seat pad is plush and comfy for baby as well as easy to clean. In terms of operating the stroller, seat and footrests recline easily. The stroller folds down smoothly and swiftly.

We have chosen to highlight our favourite features of the Pop Stroller through the following images provided to us by our fantastic tester in our exclusive mummy panel.


  • Multi position seat recline




The Pop’s multi position seat recline is a big plus and is often only found on full size stroller.







  • Compact fold – Folded Dimensions:
    L105cm W28cm H27cm


  • Hood with UPF50+ sun protection and pull out sun visor

The hood provides good coverage against the sun and the pull out visor is especially handy on sunny days to provide additional protection.



  • Hood viewing window

The viewing window in the stroller is a nice size to keep an eye on the baby.



  • Silent seat recline


The seat is spacious and there is plenty of leg room for baby. Like most umbrella style stroller, the mesh basket is difficult to access when the seat is fully reclined.



  • One hand recline and fold

The pop’s one handed recline is a terrific feature. The pop folds very easily using just one foot on the lever and the motion of pushing forward results in the pop locking automatically.

  • Puncture free tyres

What’s Included:

* Rain cover
* Shopping basket will fit a small handbag and some basic accessories.


* The Shoulder carry strap and carry handle are wonderful for transporting the stroller.

Also included is a generously sized cup holder which will ensure that parents stay hydrated while on the go. We love that Silver Cross has included this accessory!


Caution: Tipping Hazard

Like all umbrella strollers, care must be taken when attaching a changing bag to the stroller due to the tipping hazard. Consider purchasing the Buggy Organiser (see below) as an alternative to hanging the changing bag from the stroller for additional storage options and place any heavier items in the shopping basket below.

Optional Accessories:

Buggy Organiser

We highly recommend the organiser which is specifically designed for the stroller. The Organiser can accommodate a bottle, nappies, a change of clothes for baby, wallet and keys. This will allow mum to have all the basic essentials readily available.








Buggy Sail

Protect your baby from the sun, wind and other elements with the well designed Buggy Sail.

A matching footmuff is available separately for purchase for £35 for the colder months. We would like to see this footmuff be included with the Pop for the 2013 edition.


Up until now, our tester had been solely using a Quinny Buzz to take her baby on walks around the city and to run errands with. With the arrival of summer, the tester wanted to downscale and find a lighter and more compact alternative to the Quinny. Enter the Silver Cross Pop, the perfect alternative to a bulky, heavy stroller.

“I used the pop in a shopping mall this weekend and it was very easy to push. It is narrow enough so I don’t get stuck getting through doors and shopping aisles as I do with my other pram. My son was comfortable and content in the stroller. On the days that I use public transport, the pop performs beautifully and is a breeze to get in and out of the bus or tube. The pop is a lovely stroller for shopping and running errands about town and fits compactly in our car. The pop is the perfect compliment to our full size stroller and we are excited to use it for our summer holidays.”



Please visit for purchasing information.


For additional information about the Pop and to view the full range from Silver Cross, please visit the Silver Cross UK Website.

Tummy With Mummy

The Back to Sleep Campaign has been extremely successful in reducing the number of SIDS cases, however, it has had an unintended side effect: many parents now never put their babies on their tummy to play. Healthcare Professionals recommend that infants sleep on their backs. The keywords here are “BACK TO SLEEP” and “TUMMY AWAKE”, meaning place baby on his back to sleep but during his awake hours, ensure that he gets plenty of supervised Tummy Time throughout the day. Ensuring that baby spends minimal time in a container (pushchair, swing, bouncer, car seat when not in a car etc), plus the addition of supervised Tummy Time on the Tummy with Mummy when baby is AWAKE will reduce a baby’s chances of developing plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome), which is clearly on the rise. In addition, regular supervised Tummy Time will help baby to develop strength and muscle coordination and will enhance his motor development. When baby is lying on his tummy and begins to push up on his hands, this weight bearing activity helps to develop the arches of his hand, which is very important for handwriting. Tummy Time allows baby an opportunity to practice skills that are precursors to crawling, such as reaching, pivoting and scooting.

Introducing the Tummy with Mummy System. This innovative system was specifically designed with both the parents and the baby in mind. Parents would often complain how uncomfortable they were crouching down on the floor when baby was participating in tummy time. The Tummy with Mummy System is one of the few Tummy Time Seats on the market which raises baby off the ground during Tummy Time, allowing parents to assume a more comfortable posture while engaging with baby. In addition to Tummy Time, the Tummy Time system can change and adapt effortlessly thanks to the clever zipper system to function as a recliner and an upright seat,taking the place of several other baby products and saving you precious space.

The Tummy Time System is wonderful for home use. It is lightweight and compact enough to travel with, whether it is to the park, the grandparents or even for holiday travel. The Tummy Time System folds flat when not in use or for travel. Overall the Tummy with Mummy is a great option for those who have limited space in their homes, who travel frequently or visit the grandparents often.


Please visit the Tummy with Mummy online shop to find out how to purchase your very own Tummy with Mummy for your baby or as a gift.



  • Begin tummy time soon after your baby is born. Start with a few minutes, working up to an hour a day (in split short sessions) by 3 months. In the early weeks, lay baby on your chest (parent laying down on a bed or couch, propped up), tummy to tummy, for skin to skin contact and to facilitate bonding. This will serve as a gentle introduction to tummy time, so that baby becomes used to being on his tummy from the beginning.
  • Link tummy time with activities of daily living (when changing babies nappy, bathing, playing) e.g after every diaper change, place baby on his tummy for a few minutes. When tummy time is part of a routine, baby is more likely to enjoy it.
  • Make Tummy Time Fun Time! Get down onto baby’s level and introduce toys to capture and sustain his attention. Use a mirror – babies love to look at themselves in a mirror.
  • Carrying position. When carrying baby around the house, carry him securely in a tummy down position instead of upright.


For additional information about the Tummy with Mummy, please visit the Tummy with Mummy Website.

Celebrating Earth Day 2012 with Organic Caboose


Cloth Diapering has come a long way since the rubber pants and safety pins of the past. Today’s cloth diapers are modern, as easy to put on as disposable diapers, offer cost savings and are kind to the environment. It is estimated that a baby will go through approximately 8000 disposable diapers before being potty trained. Imagine if you would 8000 disposable diapers, per child, sitting in our landfills. The majority of parents are not following the protocol of emptying fecal matter into the toilet before throwing away the disposable diaper which is potentially creating an environment for bacteria to breed and spread.

Disposable diapers contain chemicals including super-absorbent polyacrylate crystals (sodium polyacrylate) and dioxins which many consider to be harmful to humans, especially a developing baby. Diaper rash is often more common in babies who wear disposable diapers vs cloth diapers.

Environmental reasons aside for a moment, the cost could easily exceed over $3000 and a lesser known fact – baby’s who wear disposable diapers take on average longer to be potty trained than baby’s who are cloth diapered. There are many types of cloth diapers on the market. Today, we will be focusing on one of our favorite combinations, fitted diapers with a wool cover.

Learn more about cloth diapers here.

For Earth Day 2012, we have chosen to highlight a wonderful local company, Organic Caboose. Founded in 2004, Organic Caboose® brand is committed to premium organic, all-natural and eco-friendly products for the Natural Family.

“We strive to attain the highest quality in workmanship and customer service. Wherever possible we offer products which support local artisans and communities.  All Organic Caboose® products are 100% sewn in the USA.  A few complementary products are imported. All Organic Caboose products are cruelty-free.  We do not test our products on animals. Organic Caboose respects the world in which we live.  Organic living helps to protect and sustain our world by protecting our drinking water, our health, wildlife, sea life and plant life.  We desire to surpass all standards and achieve a safer, healthier future through organic living.  Organic…
…is the soft and pure choice for every family, naturally.”



One size diapers will typically not fit a newborn and thus newborn diapers are essential for the initial few weeks/months of life, depending on your baby’s birth weight and growth. Newborn diapers are specifically designed for cloth diapering a newborn. They are sized perfectly around the legs and waist which is crucial to ensure no leaks. They will feature a snap down rise to accommodate the umbilical cord. Although they are used for a relatively short time, they are well worth the initial investment as high quality newborn diapers can be used for subsequent babies. In addition, parents can often re-coop a good percentage of the cost of diapers by reselling them after baby is potty trained.

Newborns will typically go through about 12 diapers per day, but this can vary depending on your baby. Parents will need to change their baby’s cloth diaper about every 1-2 hours in the initial few weeks of life, but as baby becomes more aware of day vs night and is able to sleep for longer periods, this time can be extended to 3-4 hours to accommodate baby sleeping for longer periods. It is recommended to launder your diapers every 2-3 days. We love soap nuts for laundering cloth diapers. Always make sure that your detergent and any creams you use on your baby are cloth diaper safe. In the warmer months, harness the power of the sun to de-stain your diapers.

Organic Caboose offers a wonderful line of Cloth Diapers, Diaper Covers and Accessories for your newborn. While many other newborn cloth diapers on the market are made from synthetic materials, Organic Caboose’s line is made from Organic Cotton, Organic Wool and Organic Bamboo. Natural materials offer many advantages over synthetic ones, especially for a newborn’s sensitive skin.


Organic Newborn Snap-fitted diaper


“La Petite” organic cotton fitted newborn diaper w/ snap closure & snap-down umbilical scoop. Slimline Doubler (sold separately) folded in half helps increase absorbency at night. Great for newborns 5-13 lbs! (Diaper Cover Required.) Made in USA
*Convenient snap closure
*Snap-down umbilicus for ultimate newborn comfort
*Perfect size for newborns

The first thing that you will notice about the Organic Newborn Snap-Fitted diaper is the beautiful, super soft organic cotton. It feels heavenly against your skin and baby is sure to love it. You can rest easy knowing that only the purest and softest materials are resting against your newborn’s skin. The diaper is beautifully sewn with loving care and the workmanship is a true example of a high quality USA made product. This diaper is a true newborn diaper, boasting a snap down rise for the umbilicus. There are a total of 8 snaps along the waist (4 on either side of the snap for the umbilicus) to adjust as your newborn grows. This snaps are top quality and durable enough to withstand the rigors of washing. The center of the diaper features a sewn in absorbent layer. The gentle elastic around the legs help to hold poop and pee inside the diaper. This diaper is as easy to put on as a disposable and wonderful choice for those who are new to cloth as well as when grandma and grandpa are babysitting.

Organic Slimline Diaper Doubler

For additional absorbency, consider purchasing a Slimline Diaper Doubler (available separately) which is sized to perfectly fit the Newborn diaper. The Doubler is ideal for when baby is starting to sleep for longer stretches of time or if you simply have a heavy wetter. The Newborn Diaper features a tag on the outer side of the diaper to prevent any irritation to your newborn.  The diaper is easy to prep and will become more absorbent with each wash. Wash the diapers and doublers about 5 times in warm water to remove any natural oils. Dry the diapers between washing. We received very positive feedback from our mom panel who tested the diapers for us. The tester’s baby was just 1 week old and 8lbs when he was placed in this diaper. The tester commented that with her first baby, she didn’t think that she would have needed a newborn size diaper and was trying unsuccessfully to put her baby in the one size diapers. Seeing first hand how well the newborn size diaper fitted, she will now be recommending them to new moms who wish to cloth diaper from the get go. The Organic Caboose Diapers are wonderfully absorbent when used with a cover (see below) and no leaks were reported. The Newborn Diaper and Doubler are easy to launder and since they are made from 100% Organic Cotton (excluding the snaps), they are easier to clean than synthetic materials and less likely to need to be stripped.

Organic Fine Melton Wool LITE Diaper Cover

This super soft Organic Fine Melton Wool diaper cover is our LITE addition. Can be used in the day or night. Created with two layers of organic fine wool. Features fold-back washing tabs. Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight in moisture before feeling wet and also has naturally occurring antibacterial properties. Made in USA.
Lighter weight for daytime use

*Super soft
*Fold-back washing tabs
*Made in USA

A fitted diaper will require some type of cover to contain the wetness and hold everything in. Consider the Organic Fine Melton Wool diaper cover from Organic Caboose, which is the perfect cover to compliment the Organic Newborn Diaper. Unlike cheaper wool products which aren’t organic, this organic wool diaper is soft and feels wonderful against the skin. Many parents are hesitant to invest in Wool Diaper Covers, but in fact Wool is not very difficult to clean and care for. If the Wool Cover is wet with urine, simple turn it inside out and hang it on a rack to dry. Wool doesn’t get smelly like synthetics and as a result can be re-used over and over again if wet from urine. If there is poop on the diaper, simply wash with a bar soap designed for wool products. Every few weeks, you can lanolin your cover with a liquid lanolin wash and you are done! The lanolin is what makes the cover waterproof. Our tester had never owned a wool cover before and was amazed at how simple it was to use. The wool cover is a wonderful alternative to the synethic PUL covers on the market because wool allows your baby’s skin to breath. Wool may be the perfect cover for your baby because research has shown that wool products help to keep you at an even temperature, ensuring the comfort of your baby. Since Wool can absorb up to 30% of its weight without feeling wet, there is less chance of leaks. While Wool Covers are more expensive than the PUL covers, parents will require less Wool Covers as they can re-used over and over again before needing a wash.

Organic Fine Wool Wet Bag

The Organic Fine Wool Wet Bag is a perfect natural fiber alternative to the plastic bag. The small size can hold 1-2 diaper while the large size can hold 4-5 diapers. It has detachable handles to fit around any stroller handle, doorknob, bathroom hook, etc. It closes with Aplix Velcro. A great natural bag for numerous items. Made in USA.
*Excellent natural fiber bag to hold most anything
*Two sizes to choose from
*Has detachable handles to fit around stroller, door knob etc.
*Closes with Aplix Velcro

The Organic Fine Wool Wet Bag is a rare find in terms of Cloth Diaper Accessories. Consider a Wool Wet Bag instead of one made from PUL when storing your diapers while on the go. The Small Wet Bag is the ideal wet bag to grab for running quick errands. It can hold a change or two and is perfect for your diaper bag or simply on its own.

Organic Cotton Flannel Wipe

Organic Cotton Flannel Wipe

Super soft organic cotton flannel wipe for any occasion. One layer. Made in USA.
*Super soft
*Pure American-grown Organic Cotton
*9 in. x 9 in.

This versatile Flannel Wipe is an essential accessory that we would recommend purchasing. From bath time to feeding, from diapering to cleaning, this cloth wipe will take care of any mess! You can choose from the terry side or the super soft flannel side. You can order the wipes with the Organic Caboose Logo or without.





Find a retailer near you.


To learn more and to view the full collection, please visit Organic Caboose.

Sage Creek Organics Spring 2012 Picks


Sage Creek Organics has a reputation for producing top quality organic cotton apparel for babies and children. Sage Creek Organics offers 100% organic cotton clothing, bedding and accessories for babies and children. The quality is superb and will last through many children, making each piece a great investment. Parents can rest assured that their baby is being surrounded by soft and safe materials. Their careful selection of fabrics, dyes and fasteners is to be commended. The cotton, colors, snaps and zippers are all tested to ensure the absence of contaminants such as nickel, lead, formaldehyde, amines, pesticides and heavy metals.

Organic cotton products go through many steps. From the farmer’s field, to the mill where the cotton is processed, to the tailor’s room, all the cotton and cotton fabric is tested, and certified to be organically grown and processed by the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), a well respected and trusted governing body in organics. The standards are so strict that commercial cotton or cotton fabric cannot be transported nor stored in the same building, to avoid cross contamination.
Sage Creek Organics supports the World Wildlife Fund and IFAW as a standing member and ongoing contributor to its efforts. They only support Fair Trade – suppliers and producers, in underdeveloped regions who abide by western standards regarding fair and decent worker’s compensation, positive working conditions and using no child labor. Learn more about choosing organic cotton clothing and bedding at the Why Organic Page.


Farmyard Friends Collection


Spring 2012 Top Picks:

Many of the styles featured here will work for babies who are cloth diapered.

Simply Sweet Collection

Simply Sweet is an adorable new collection for boys and girls in sophisticated yet soft solids with an  embroidered dragonfly.

Simply Sweet Collection

•Fits up to 3 months
•Allergen free
•Earth-friendly dyes
•machine wash

Infant hats are essential pieces in any newborn layette because infants have difficulty regulating their body heat, losing heat through their head. This adorable infant hat with dragonfly embroidery is the perfect no fuss infant hat for your little one. Pairs beautifully with the gown below for a super cute look.


Simply Sweet Collection


Adorable infant gown to snuggle your baby in. Soft and sophisticated in apricot with mango trim. Fits infant from newborn until 4 months.
•Lap shoulder neck for easy on and off
•Embroidered dragonfly on chest
•Gentle fold-over cuffed sleeves to prevent scratches
•Elastic bottom
•100% certified organic cotton
•machine wash

Infant gowns are another essential baby buy as they make diaper changes a breeze, especially during middle of the night changes! Top quality.

Simply Sweet Collection


Kimono Collection:


Your little one will look like a Karate master when they are decked out in this hip collection. Designed for comfort and easy changing, the Kimono Collection makes quite a statement. Made from our softest organic cotton terry.


Kimono Collection

An exquisite kimono set crafted from 100% organic cotton terry.
•Kimono Top with contrast color binding
•inner snaps for neat closure
•Side ties for added style
•Pants have a gentle elastic waist for easy changing and comfort
•machine wash



Kimono Collection


The Sage Creek Organic Kimono Collection features Kimono’s for your infant and toddler in a variety of solid and patterned prints. Kimono outfits are quick and easy to put on and take off without having to pull anything over baby’s head. They are great for sleeping in and going on play dates and beg to be photographed. Our top pick!



Wash Cloth Set of 3

Luxuriously plush multi-colored wash cloths in 100% organic cotton. Super absorbent.
note: colors may vary

These versatile, high quality wash cloths are perfect for bath time, diaper changes and meal times and will be the first thing that you reach for when you need to clean baby up. Pack a few in your diaper bag to make sure that you always have some on hand.



Find a store in your area or shop the Sage Creek Organic Online Store. Gift Certificates are also available.

 To view the full collection, please visit Sage Creek Organics.


All images copyrighted Sage Creek USA, Inc.

SwaddleDesigns Baby Gift Set Giveaway


Success Through Play™ spoke with Lynette Damir, R.N, (Registered Nurse) founder of SwaddleDesigns®.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of your company and line of products?

I am a nurse and want to help new parents learn how to calm and comfort their babies. I found while visiting new parents that they often struggled with learning how to swaddle their newborns for two reasons:

1) They didn’t have the right kind of blanket
2) They couldn’t remember how to make a good secure swaddle.

The Ultimate Receiving Blanket® addresses both of these issues. Medical professionals, newborn care experts, and parents agree – swaddled babies sleep better, so everyone gets more sleep!

To learn more about SwaddleDesigns®, please see click here.

Success Through Play™ will be highlighting 2 products from SwaddleDesigns® today.

Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket®

SwaddleDesigns® Certified Organic Cotton Ultimate Receiving Blanket® is unique and special. It is the only blanket with swaddling instructions sewn to its edge (patent pending). Designed by a nurse, it is larger than typical receiving blankets (42” x 42”) and square in shape. Made from soft, premium, preshrunk certified organic cotton flannel, and generous in size, it makes a perfect, snugly swaddle for baby. Made in the USA .

Baby Lovie™

SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie™ is a small security blankie (14” x 14”) which has soft textures that little fingers love to explore. Made in the USA. Pediatricians recommend giving babies 6 months and older a security object.


To access the product catalog please click here.

USA: Please see for a list of over 500 retailers and online web retailers

Canada: Indigo stores and multiple boutiques

Europe: John Lewis Stores and Harrods in the UK . Please see www.SwaddleDesigns for more locations.

Other countries, please click here.

Success Through Play™ comments:

We would like to thank SwaddleDesigns® for sending us a sample of their Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket® and Baby Lovie™. The quality of both products are impeccable and sure to make an ideal gift! We have to point out that all of the SwaddleDesign® Products are made in the USA! The Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket is beautiful, soft and gentle against baby’s skin. SwaddleDesigns® will introduce 6 new colors in the organic cotton range early next year!

What makes the Ultimate Receiving Blanket® so unique is that is features a 123 Swaddle™ Tip Tag (sewn in) which will help parents master the art of swaddling. Parents will no longer need to grab a book or look elsewhere for directions because they will be right in front of them and available whenever they need to reference them.

The size, shape, material and thickness of the Ultimate Receiving Blanket® is a cumulation of much research from the founder, Lynette Damir who is a Registered Nurse (RN). Lynette reports “When I shopped for blankets for my friends and family, I wasn’t satisfied, the blankets were too small, not the right shape, not the right material, too fancy, too slippery or too thick.”

SwaddleDesigns® advocates swaddling your baby with his hands out by his face, so that he can suck on his hands to soothe himself. Many internationally recognized child experts have made reference to the importance of an infant being able to have access to his hands to self-soothe, including Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, MD and Penny Simkin, Physical Therapist, Childbirth Educator and cofounder of Doulas of North Amerca (DONA).

How to Swaddle (Video Dem)

Click here.

The Baby Lovie™ is adorable and we received a chocolate brown and green colored one with fuzzy material which baby will love to touch and rub. Parents understand how soothing a security blanket can be for their baby and the Baby Lovie™ from SwaddleDesigns® is a great choice! To view the current range of Baby Lovies™ which are available in a variety of beautiful patterns and prints, please click here.

We hope to see SwaddleDesigns® come out with an organic cotton Baby Lovie & Baby Burpie product line in the future!

We applaud SwaddleDesigns® for supporting a variety of charities! To learn more about Swaddling and to view the full collection of their award winning SwaddleDesigns® products please visit:



Courtesy of SwaddleDesigns and in honor of our 4th Year Anniversay, we will giving away a beautiful Organic Cotton SwaddleDesigns Baby Gift Set (Kiwi Mod Circles on Ivory) to one lucky reader.


Congratulations to Dana L.


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