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Success Through Play™ spoke with Lynette Damir, R.N, (Registered Nurse) founder of SwaddleDesigns®.

What was the inspiration behind the creation of your company and line of products?

I am a nurse and want to help new parents learn how to calm and comfort their babies. I found while visiting new parents that they often struggled with learning how to swaddle their newborns for two reasons:

1) They didn’t have the right kind of blanket
2) They couldn’t remember how to make a good secure swaddle.

The Ultimate Receiving Blanket® addresses both of these issues. Medical professionals, newborn care experts, and parents agree – swaddled babies sleep better, so everyone gets more sleep!

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Success Through Play™ will be highlighting 2 products from SwaddleDesigns® today.

Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket®

SwaddleDesigns® Certified Organic Cotton Ultimate Receiving Blanket® is unique and special. It is the only blanket with swaddling instructions sewn to its edge (patent pending). Designed by a nurse, it is larger than typical receiving blankets (42” x 42”) and square in shape. Made from soft, premium, preshrunk certified organic cotton flannel, and generous in size, it makes a perfect, snugly swaddle for baby. Made in the USA .

Baby Lovie™

SwaddleDesigns Baby Lovie™ is a small security blankie (14” x 14”) which has soft textures that little fingers love to explore. Made in the USA. Pediatricians recommend giving babies 6 months and older a security object.


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USA: Please see www.SwaddleDesigns.com for a list of over 500 retailers and online web retailers

Canada: Indigo stores and multiple boutiques

Europe: John Lewis Stores and Harrods in the UK . Please see www.SwaddleDesigns for more locations.

Other countries, please click here.

Success Through Play™ comments:

We would like to thank SwaddleDesigns® for sending us a sample of their Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket® and Baby Lovie™. The quality of both products are impeccable and sure to make an ideal gift! We have to point out that all of the SwaddleDesign® Products are made in the USA! The Organic Ultimate Receiving Blanket is beautiful, soft and gentle against baby’s skin. SwaddleDesigns® will introduce 6 new colors in the organic cotton range early next year!

What makes the Ultimate Receiving Blanket® so unique is that is features a 123 Swaddle™ Tip Tag (sewn in) which will help parents master the art of swaddling. Parents will no longer need to grab a book or look elsewhere for directions because they will be right in front of them and available whenever they need to reference them.

The size, shape, material and thickness of the Ultimate Receiving Blanket® is a cumulation of much research from the founder, Lynette Damir who is a Registered Nurse (RN). Lynette reports “When I shopped for blankets for my friends and family, I wasn’t satisfied, the blankets were too small, not the right shape, not the right material, too fancy, too slippery or too thick.”

SwaddleDesigns® advocates swaddling your baby with his hands out by his face, so that he can suck on his hands to soothe himself. Many internationally recognized child experts have made reference to the importance of an infant being able to have access to his hands to self-soothe, including Dr. T. Berry Brazelton, MD and Penny Simkin, Physical Therapist, Childbirth Educator and cofounder of Doulas of North Amerca (DONA).

How to Swaddle (Video Dem)

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The Baby Lovie™ is adorable and we received a chocolate brown and green colored one with fuzzy material which baby will love to touch and rub. Parents understand how soothing a security blanket can be for their baby and the Baby Lovie™ from SwaddleDesigns® is a great choice! To view the current range of Baby Lovies™ which are available in a variety of beautiful patterns and prints, please click here.

We hope to see SwaddleDesigns® come out with an organic cotton Baby Lovie & Baby Burpie product line in the future!

We applaud SwaddleDesigns® for supporting a variety of charities! To learn more about Swaddling and to view the full collection of their award winning SwaddleDesigns® products please visit:



Courtesy of SwaddleDesigns and in honor of our 4th Year Anniversay, we will giving away a beautiful Organic Cotton SwaddleDesigns Baby Gift Set (Kiwi Mod Circles on Ivory) to one lucky reader.


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